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Joel Abrams

Director of Digital Strategy and Outreach

Apple News

Travel to Miami, and you might hear people say ‘get down from the car’ instead of ‘get out of the car.’ Miami Herald/Getty Images

Linguists have identified a new English dialect that’s emerging in South Florida

Phillip M. Carter, Florida International University

It came about through sustained contact with native Spanish speakers who directly translated phrases from Spanish into English, a form of linguistic borrowing called ‘calques.’


With pressure from the European Union, Apple has thrown in the towel on its Lightning connector, left, in favor of the standard USB-C, right. Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

What is USB-C? A computer engineer explains the one device connector to rule them all

Shreyas Sen, Purdue University

With Apple’s capitulation on the latest iPhone models, USB-C is poised to become the standard connector for all devices.


Lizi Rosenfeld, a Jewish woman, sits on a park bench bearing a sign that reads, ‘Only for Aryans,’ in August 1938 in Vienna. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum /Provenance: Leo Spitzer

How individual, ordinary Jews fought Nazi persecution − a new view of history

Wolf Gruner, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Finding the stories of individual Jews who fought the Nazis publicly and at great peril helped a scholar see history differently: that Jews were not passive. Instead, they actively fought the Nazis.

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