Becoming a Person of Peace

Person of Peace

Prior to working with Micah I used to carry out accountability audits. I remember interviewing a CEO for a justice organisation who shared that she had an “open door” policy for all her staff and they were free to come in and see her and seek help at any time. On interviewing the staff I was informed that the CEO was very hard to approach, never had time for them and was really inaccessible.

At our Global Consultation Johannes Reimer shared some insights into why it is important that we become people of peace. This devotion explores some of the points he raises, plus challenges to consider if we are people of peace – do others see this in us?

Luke 10:5-6 – “When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest on him; if not, it will return to you.

In aid and mission organisations, this verse has been used to develop a strategy which seeks out a person of peace or a person who is respected in the community as they can be a key into the community to bring about change. When reading this verse carefully, the point to note is that the peace actually came from the disciple. Jesus commanded his disciples to offer peace.

The disciple is the person on peace, offering peace to the household. They had a mission of peace.

Jesus came into the world as the Prince of Peace and calls us to follow him in his mission of Shalom. (Luke 4:18-19) The apostle Paul unpacks this further in Ephesians 2:14-20 (take a moment to read this passage carefully). We have been given a ministry of reconciliation – to bring Shalom to all (2 Cor 5: 18-20). Christians have tended to focus on inner peace, but the Shalom that Jesus is talking about is both external and internal peace, which means we have a message of peace with regards to violence and war.

How do have a ministry of reconciliation, a message of peace, if we ourselves are not people of peace?

When Jesus meets his disciples after the resurrection (John 20:19-23), he grants the disciples two things before he sends them out as the Farther had sent him:

1) He grants them peace
2) He fills them with his Holy Spirit

Being granted peace is essential but it means that we have to deal with any prejudices, anger, hatred, conflict that is within our own lives.

One of the main reasons why Micah has been promoting the reconciliation and healing ethnics wounds ministry is to enable us as believers to become people of peace in and through all we do and say. Healed and renewed people bring healing and renewal.

Let’s invite Jesus to be the Prince of Peace in our lives, to give us his peace, to lay down all our own prejudices, conflicts and hatreds and to be filled with his Spirit.

People around us will begin to notice and we can start to offer peace to others.

I hope and pray that we not only have an open door policy, but that people also perceive that we are people of peace and are drawn into the Shalom we are living out.

To hear the whole of Johannes Reimer’s session on becoming a person of peace, see the Micah DVD from the Global Consultation which will be available from December.

Marnix Niemeijer


On Friday 30th October we heard the news that Marnix (our former Chair of Micah Global Board) had suffered a heart attack and had been rushed into hospital.

We are thankful to report that an emergency stent was successfully inserted and Marnix is recovering well. He will need a further stent in the weeks ahead and has a slow recovery period ahead of him. Please pray for his health and his family as they work through this shock and time of healing.

Marnix has been a real blessing to Micah over the last important transition years. He chaired Micah Challenge and was a Board member of Micah Network. Through his leadership and vision we were able to enter into the merger and formation of Micah Global. Marnix has been currently on sabbatical, and had recently stepped down as Chair. He attended our Global Consultation and you will have all seen him quietly serving at the registration desk and helping with other organisations activities. Marnix humbly asked to keep a low profile during the Consultation so as to focus on the incoming new Micah Global Board.

As we pray for Marnix this month, let us also acknowledge his leadership and example, thanking God for his passion and commitment to God’s Mission. We pray that is the time of recovery God would draw near and flood him with his love and presence.

Peter Akanimoh


In our August prayer focus we prayed for Peter (our Micah Nigeria Coordinator and member of our Africa Regional Coordination Group) who had just suffered a ruptured brain aneurism. Peter continues to improve but as yet is not able to be back at work. Please continue to pray for Peter’s full recovery. This extended recovery period is filled with physiotherapy to get Peter mobile again. As you can imagine, all this takes its toll on him and his family.

Refugee Crisis


Every day we hear new heart-breaking stories from families escaping war zones, seeking safety and refuge in neighbouring countries and courageously making journeys towards Europe in hope of finding a place of safety where they can try and make a future for themselves and their loved ones.

The current crisis in Afghanistan started in 2001 – that is 14 years ago
The current crisis in Iraq started in: 2003 – that is 12 years ago
The current crisis in Syria started in 2011 - that is 4 years ago.

Initially the main hosting nations taking in refugees were neighbouring countries. For example:
- Pakistan currently hosts 1.5 million registered refugees
- Jordan currently hosts close to 1 million refugees
- Iran currently hosts close to 1 million refugees.

So, why are refugees trying to make it to Europe now?

Perhaps when the war first started you hoped it would be soon over so you could stay at home. Then as intensity increased and basic supplies of food and water became harder to find, you feared for the safety of your family so you took the painful decision to move to the neighbouring country. After a year or two, the intensity of the war increased further and more and more people poured into the refugee camps and conditions became tougher and tougher. How long would you wait the war out? Your children need school and a future – they were growing up in a camp now. As a refugee you are not entitled to work, so you remain dependent and disheartened. How long would you wait in this camp? There are no signs of change in your home country – it is time to take action. You know it is risky but to stay is harder. It will take all your courage, everything you own, but it is a chance to seek safety and a way to support your family and give them a chance of life.

Lord – open the hearts and minds of all Europeans to understand the desperation of the refugees and migrants seeking hope and life in safety. Disturb the leaders of each country day and night until they compassionately respond.

Lord, each suffering person must break your heart – we cry out to you for a hospitable solution that gives to all in need a place of safety and an opportunity to thrive.

Thank you for the amazing hospitality of countries such as Pakistan, Iran and Jordan. Pour out your blessing on them as they are being a blessing to those in need.

Prayer for Climate - COP21


As shared in our newsletter earlier this month, the UN Climate Talks in Paris - COP21 - will take place from 30 November until 11 December.

This event represents a crucial opportunity for world leaders to agree to a robust climate change agreement – a vital step towards a world where everyone can flourish.

Numerous Micah members are actively participating in events preceding and during the talks. Tearfund UK has asked us to stand in solidarity and prayer:

- Pray for leaders to take bold action at the UN climate talks, which take place from 30 November to 11 December.

- Ask God for safe journeys as Christians travel to Paris from across the world by foot, bicycle, bus and train, in solidarity with those living in poverty hit hardest by climate change.

- Pray for the church's light to shine brightly as we speak out on the impact of climate change on people in poverty through the marches across the world, and as we hand in a petition in Paris on 28 November.

You can download Paris 2015 prayer resources, including ideas for how you can pray for the talks and resources, including written prayers that you can use at a church meeting or Sunday service here.

Around the World

Around the World

Pakistan/Afghanistan - An earthquake measuring 7.5 in strength struck Pakistan and Afghanistan on October 26th. Over 200 people were killed and 1300 injured, with remote tribal regions being the wost affected areas. Difficult weather conditions and remote location have made relief assessment and delivery difficult.

God, we mourn with those who have experienced loss because of this disaster and ask that you would provide comfort. We thank you for those organisations working in the recovery efforts.

Myanmar - Myanmar went to the polls on Sunday November 8th, and Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD party is expected to be declared the winner in the coming days.

Lord, we are thankful for a peaceful and smooth election process in Myanmar and pray that the results will bring positive change to that nation.

Burundi - Burundi continues to suffer the devastating effects of ongoing political unrest and violence. Hundreds of Burundians have been killed since April, and hundreds of thousands have fled the country. Some fear that Burundi is on the verge of a large-scale civil conflict.

Lord, we cry out to you to intervene in Burundi: bring your peace to that nation. We pray for the political and civil leaders of the country: that they would work together for the wellbeing of their people and their nation.

Nigeria - Violence and fear associated with the ongoing insurgency of Boko Haram in northern Nigeria continues to threaten the local population. A recent mass rescue of 338 captives of the militant group brought some hope, however

We give thanks for the rescue of victims of the Boko Haram insurgency last month. We pray for strong political will and effective solutions to bring peace to the region - restoring stability for those hundreds of thousands who have experienced diplacement and violence.

Micah Events

Bangladesh Integral Mission Conversation:
Integral Mission and Church
26th to 28th November 2015

Planning is underway for national Micah Conversations early in 2016 in :

- Haiti
- Nepal
- Tanzania
- Cameroon
- United Kingdom

Please pray for the hosting national Micah committees as they seek God's guidance and wisdom in planning these events as opportunities to bring about the vision of Micah in their unique context.

Micah Board Member Nominations: Nominations have closed and the selection process is underway. Please pray for discernment for the selection committee as they seek to appoint the right people to guide Micah in the future.