Memorial Day, a holiday meant to remember those who gave their lives for America’s freedoms, has also become the un-official start of summer. But this year is more somber than usual as the coronavirus continues to spread, many stores and beaches are closed or only partially open, and Americans remain uncertain about whether it’s a good idea to take a flight, go to a restaurant or do anything in public.

To help you stay safe as the country re-opens for business, we turned to experts to answer some of these basic questions. As for flying, epidemiologist Kacey Ernst and engineer Paloma Beamer of the University of Arizona walk through the steps you should take before – and after – boarding a plane.

We hope this and other stories in our series bring some measure of comfort and guidance so you can enjoy the summer with as little worry as possible.

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Lynne Anderson

Senior Health + Medicine Editor

Passengers onboard an American Airlines flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, from San Diego, California. Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Should you fly yet? An epidemiologist and an exposure scientist walk you through the decision process

Kacey Ernst, University of Arizona; Paloma Beamer, University of Arizona

Fear of flying means something altogether different in the age of the new coronavirus. Now the biggest concern is how to keep from becoming infected. If you must fly, here are some things to consider.

Safety and opening up

Memorial Day

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