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MAKE Newsletter

August 28, 2012

We make no apologies about the fact that we are tools-obsessed. We love tools, the mechanical (and digital) extensions that give us various superpowers. Can you have too many tools? I, for one, am doing my best to find out. Here are some enthusiastic recommendations from a few other MAKE tool mongers. Let us know what tools you obsess over.

-Gareth Branwyn

Schröder 9″ Hand Drill

When I first picked up the Schröder, it felt like shaking hands with a long-lost old friend. If I’d been blindfolded, I might have sworn it was my grandpa’s well-maintained vintage tool. It looks shiny and new, but the solid construction and tight engineering hark back to the days when tools weren’t considered disposable.

--Gregory Hayes

Stanley 55-119 FatMax FuBar

Stanley insists the name “FuBar" stands for “Functional Utility BAR,” but, well, we all saw Saving Private Ryan, right? Testostero-marketing elements like the naughty name and fantasy-battleaxe styling all seem carefully calculated to appeal to geekier, desk-bound men of the WoW generation. And in my case, at least, it works! Not only will I be equipped to hang Xmas lights, I’m well-armed to fend off the neighborhood’s annual ninja-gang attack.

--Sean Michael Ragan

iPhone Acoustic Ruler

Here’s a novel way to take measurements using sound waves with an iPhone. German developer Florian Student’s Acoustic Ruler Pro for iOS will measure distances up to 25 meters by clocking the time delay of emitted sound waves.

--Adam Flaherty

Brinno Time Lapse Camera

The operation of the Brinno Time Lapse Camera is as simple as the design. Though I did run into a few kinks, if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box product for making time lapse videos of your product builds, I recommend taking a look at this inexpensive and unique product.

--Matt Richardson

The Kukri Knife of Nepal

There’s a lot of tradition among Gurkha soldiers (tough Nepalese mercenaries) concerning care and feeding of the heavy kukri knives they carry. The most well-known is that once removed from its sheath, it may not be replaced until it’s been “blooded.” Once it’s out, the fight is on, so to speak. If the enemy runs away, the Gurkha will lightly cut himself before putting it back.

--Bill Gurstelle

Gilmour Solid Brass Twist Hose Nozzle

It is rare that I can endorse any tool as wholeheartedly and without reservation as this simple hunk of machined brass. The Gilmour 528T Solid Brass Twist Hose Nozzle is built to last. It has only two major parts, both machined from solid brass, which will never rust.

--Sean Michael Ragan