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With the lack of detailed federal guidance on how to reopen the country safely, various states have done different things and opened at different stages. As a result, in some states, people have flocked to beaches, parks and restaurants, happy to be out of lockdown. And yet, millions of people have continued to stay at home, with many confused about what to do and how to stay safe.

For possible solutions, three University of Michigan scholars, Holly Jarman, Sarah Rozenblum and Scott Greer, look at how European countries are reopening and how those plans compare to the U.S.

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A nearly deserted street in the city of Nice, France, on May 6, the 51st day of lockdown there. Europe’s method of reopening is markedly different from the U.S. plan. Getty Images / Valery Hache

What US states can learn from COVID-19 transition planning in Europe

Holly Jarman, University of Michigan; Sarah Rozenblum, University of Michigan; Scott L. Greer, University of Michigan

As the US prepares to reopen from weeks of social distancing, it’s worth noting what other countries are doing.

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