Rwanda 20 Years On...


On the 7th April 2014, Rwanda will remember for the 20th year, the genocide against the Tutsi, which also took the lives of many Hutu who opposed the killings, and sent hundreds of thousands into neighbouring countries as refugees.

20 years later, the small country has seen much physical reconstruction. It is called the cleanest country in Africa, with the highest number of women in leadership, a fast growing economy, with people living on the same hills - together, go to the same schools, and same markets.  This arrangement include perpetrators who were released after Gacaca (judicial process), and survivors who were mostly neighbours.

20 years later, new laws, new institutions and new symbols demonstrate a strong political will to achieve unity and reconciliation.

20 years later, those who were born during and after the genocide are grown up men and women with a lot of questions about the past, the present and the future.

20 years later, Rwanda has known incredible cases of repentance of forgiveness, though there is still many on this painful journey.

The theme Rwanda has chosen is: Remember, Unite, Renew. These are concepts in Isaiah 61:1-3 stating the mission of Jesus and by extension the mission of the church.

If remembering the 1994 tragedy does not help the church worldwide to take our responsibility to heal the broken hearted, to speak strongly against injustices, to rise against ethnic discrimination, racism, xenophobia and religious radicalism, it simply becomes a debilitating exercise to release anger, bitterness, guilt and despair.

If this time or remembrance does not draw us together and encourage us to take seriously Colossians 2:14, seek unity among the different denominations, families and communities, we end up giving the devil another opportunity to separate us, to make us believe ‘otherness’ means ‘enmity.’

If this time of remembrance does not renew us from prejudices (Hebrews 12:15) and usher us into our higher identity as brothers and sisters in the Holy Nation (I Peter 2:9), then we are just waiting for our own turn to display human madness as we ascend to the next phase in our own local conflicts.

May God use this time of remembrance to remind us of our own responsibility to learn from the past, to find healing at the cross, to forgive and ask for forgiveness, and to embrace our new identity in Christ.

This reflection was written by Nyamutera Joseph, Regional Director/Reconciliation Manager of Mercy Ministries International Great Lakes

They will know us by our love

One of the distinctive attributes of Christianity is our love – as Christ shows us his love for us so we reflect that love to all.

Let us spend time today and each day this month as we remember the lessons from Rwanda – to bring our neighbours, our different ethnic, language and religious groups, our broken nations to the Cross and seek healing and wholeness.

Pray that our churches would demonstrate unity and be a light of hope for the nation.

Hunger and Poverty – Liberia takes action


The church in Liberia invited the Liberian President to join them on the 2nd of April to pray against poverty and hunger. The Liberian Church Council convened an assembly addressing the role of the church in fighting against hunger and poverty.

Rev. Dr. Kortu K. Brown invites us to stand with the church in Liberia as they mobilise to act again hunger and poverty.

Pray for this initiative and that each church will act in their community and unite together to increase the impact nationwide.

Pray for the government in Liberia as they commit to act against poverty.

South Africa and Zambia


Ian Saungweme responds to the March Prayer Focus written by Craig Stewart from the Warehouse, Cape Town. He says: I am blessed to be part of the Micah Network. I am humbled at the level at which people in Cape Town are committed to this noble calling of peace and justice in Africa and our respected communities.

I would like to ask the Micah Network all over the world to also pray for Zambia in the following areas:

1. Leadership Transformation

2. God's Grace and peace among our political leaders

3. Love to lead among our Church leaders.

Praying for Ukraine


CEDAR Fund invites us to pray for Ukraine as they prepare for elections in may:

Pray for the presidential elections in Ukraine which will be held on 25 May 2014. May it be an open and fair election, and a president who truly cares about people’s needs will be elected;

Pray for wisdom and mercy to be given to the new government, that it knows and will be committed to introduce favourable policies for the well-being of its people and deliver the country out from its crisis.

Truth and Reconciliation Consultation

Truth and Reconciliation

In November this year Micah Network is facilitating a consultation on truth and reconciliation. We will be exploring the role Christians have / should have in their nations as they came through and out of conflict. Please pray for this important gathering – pray that we might learn much from one another and hear God’s guidance as we seek wisdom on how to be light for nations in conflict. Let us pray for:

Afghanistan: as the election outcome becomes known – pray that God will riase up leaders who can bring in peace and healing. Pray especially for the families of those killed and injured in the build up to the elections.

Syria: let us continue to pray for the resolve to draw this conflict to an end. Let us focus on the many refugees displaced families caused by this war.

Prayer Points in Brief

1) Micah Network International Board Meeting: 7th to 8th April

2) Joint Micah Network and Micah Challenge Board Meeting on 9th April

3) Micah Challenge Board Meeting on 10th and 11th April

Pray that the meetings will be inspirational and full of wisdom as we seek direction together.

Pray for the impact of the EXPOSED: Shining a light on corruption campaign – that many lives would be challenged and changed as they wrestle through how to be more accountable.


Members – share your thoughts and prayer points

This prayer focus is for our network and is made all the richer when we share our hearts and prayer points with one another – then we can stand in solidarity as we intercede for and with one another – praying for the communities we serve. If you have a story of change, a prayer point / concern, please share it through: so we can include this in our monthly prayer focus.