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MAKE Newsletter

January 31, 2012

Tips and tricks: we're big believers in them here at MAKE. We collect them like cherished baseball cards. It's astounding how much a simple tip or new technique can significantly change your workflow or how you organize yourself. We have so many tips collected, we thought it'd be a shame to not share some of them with you. So we're sharing them in a series of special edition Make: Newsletters. If you have tips or tricks to share, please email us at tips@makezine.com. You may see them in a future newsletter.
-Gareth Branwyn

Binder Clip Organization

Use binder clips on your desk as cable organizers.

Perfect Center

Use your drill press in reverse to make perfectly centered holes.

Non-Slip Grip

Need a non-slip grip on a tool? Try heat-shrink tubing.

Table Saw on the Fly

Lacking a proper table saw? You can improv one with a straightedge, such as a metal level, and some clamps.

Suck it Up

Dropped a small item on the floor? Put some pantyhose over your vacuum's tube... it will suck up the part, but won't eat it! [Photo from Instructables]

Clean and Cheap

Dollar store brass kitchen scrubbies can be used instead of expensive specialized solder tip cleaners; stick one in a container and dab away!