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February 2019


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Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B & A. Our first special edition: video games & design. Loading, please wait… Ready, read!

Games, when the design has to teach

TeachWhen game design teach people how to play

4 ways to help players learn the rules of the game they just started.

Introduction to Game Mechanics

LearningIntroduction to Game Mechanics

Game designer's main role is to come up with game mechanics that are engaging enough to either entertain or give impacting experiences.

Best Video Game and user interfaces

Top 5Best Video Game and user interfaces

Celebrating interesting gaming user interface designs. Akhil Dakinedi picks on games UIs, also kwown as HUD.

User Experience

CopywritingWhere Microcopy and Video Games Meet

An article by Nicole Winestock on how microcopy is key in video games and what UX Designers can learn from it.

Pause Process

WatchPause Process

Pause Process is a video column (in French), talking about the techniques and aesthetics of video games. Last episode is on prototypes!

Speeey Screenshot Maps

GeekSpeeey Screenshot Maps

A large collection of maps from ZX Spectrum computer 8-bits games… #LowTech #Pixels

Designing games for disability

AccessibilityDesigning games for disability

Designing for accessibility is and will always be crucial, video games are no exception. You can find here solutions and ideas to create more accessible games.


February 2019

This month we like

Oniri Islands

Game for kidsOniri Islands

Oniri Islands is a co-op adventure game for two players. You play kids lost on a mysterious island, searching for your shadows…



Sable is a coming-of-age tale of discovery through exploration across a strikingly rendered open world desert.

Video game skies

GeekVideo game skies

"The art of depicting skies in video games." A huge collection of sky patterns.

Spider-Man PS4

LogosSpider-Man PS4

Bao Nguyen impressive logos work for Marvel's Spider-Man game (produced by Insomniac Games).

12 Helpful Youtube Channels to understand game design

VideosUnderstand game design on Youtube channels

A selection of YouTube channels to consider if you want to dig deeper into video games production and processes.

Lunark, a 2D cinematic platformer

KickstarterLunark, a 2D cinematic platformer

A Canari Games project, inspired by 80's & 90's classics. "Embark on a wild adventure set in the midst of a rebellion against a totalitarian regime…"


Quote of the month

"A good story never dies."

Roberta Williams