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This week’s images of Afghans trying to flee from the international airport in Kabul as the Taliban took control of the city will long stay with many Americans – just as images of the fall of Saigon have become a shameful part of American history. David Skidmore is a political science professor at Drake University who has taught a course on the Vietnam War for more than 30 years. In a piece we published in September 2017, Skidmore described the “stalemate machine” that helps explain why the U.S. spent so many hard years on the war treadmill in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Emily Costello

Managing Editor

Eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts can make a meaningful impact on a person’s health – and the planet’s too. kerdkanno/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Individual dietary choices can add – or take away – minutes, hours and years of life

Olivier Jolliet, University of Michigan; Katerina S. Stylianou, University of Michigan

A new study puts numbers to the health and environmental benefits – or impacts – of individual foods and shows how small changes can make a significant difference.

Americans throw away around $5.89 billion worth of frozen food a year. E+ via Getty Images

‘Freezer burn’ is a serious problem – preventing ice recrystallization may alleviate it

Tong (Toni) Wang, University of Tennessee

Scientists are looking for safe new ways to prevent ice from damaging food in frozen storage, which costs consumers billions of dollars a year in wasted food.