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September 2020




The cold is back. You can feel the wind blowing and watch the leaves fall.

🍁 Septembre is back.

It's time to wake up and read this DON'T PANIC edition.

What is User Experience?

MarketingWhat is User Experience?

If you're stuck convincing a customer, that UX requires a lot of attention, here's a quick reminder.

Everything you need to know about layout grids in Figma

TipsEverything you need to know about layout grids in Figma

Learn how layout grids in Figma can become a powerful enhancement to your design workflow.

[French] Mon maçon était illustrateur

Tumblr[French] Mon maçon était illustrateur

If you don't know this tumblr yet, it's worth a visit.

The Designer's journey

ChecklistThe Designer's journey

The Designer's Journey is a growing list of 900+ goals and achievements for designers of all experience levels, disciplines, and career phases to accomplish. (We didn't tick many)

The Secret of Great App Design

MicrointeractionsThe Secret of Great App Design

"The best products do two things well: features and details."

2016 - still relevant!


Point of view

Collaboration is good for your health

Collaboration is good for your health


In a project, we have to confront different points of view.

First of all, you have to understand what the client wants, often also to absorb his knowledge in his field. We have been saying this for years because it is essential: we work WITH and not FOR a client.

Then, within a team, we pass the deliverables, we question them, we defend them, we iterate on them.

We learn to speak a common language, to educate, to let go but also to defend our point of view.

Discuss, document what is needed, pair some points. It’s all about balance.

We're kind of tightrope walkers ;)

- Noémie


September 2020

This month we like



We particularly like the principle of discovering the concept and the plans of the building with this long scroll.


3D & motionFerrumpipe

With 3D and motion you can make any subject look cool.

Bethany Heck

PortfolioBethany Heck

We really like how she presents her projects.

Van Gogh Museum

MuseumVan Gogh

Discover the Life and Work of Vincent van Gogh


Song of the month

Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)


Postmodern Jukebox


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