Margaret Thatcher’s national right-to-buy scheme transformed the housing market in the UK, leading to a dramatic fall in social renting. The housing crisis that followed has grown worse under governments of all colours. The last two decades, in particular, have been bracketed by ballooning house prices and rising rents, while wages have largely stagnated.

But instead of bringing back social housing, ministers have shifted their focus to “affordable” homes – and, mostly, to building lots of them. According to Rachel Joy Bosler, far from solving the housing crisis, all these new homes have helped worsen it because their rents are tied to rising market values and so they remain out of reach for many. However, simply increasing social housing again – while needed – won’t be enough to fix the problem.

Elsewhere, two health scientists proffer ten small fixes to counter weight gain. And a criminologist unpacks ]the psychological impact indecent exposure has]( on victims.

Dale Berning Sawa

Acting commissioning editor, Cities and Young People

In raising rents from social to affordable for council tenants, the cost burden for tackling the housing crisis effectively falls on those most in need. Goldstamp | Shutterstock

Affordable housing is a myth that worsens the housing crisis – but there is a fix

Rachel Joy Bosler, University of Essex

The government has long promoted the idea that we can build our way out of the housing crisis. Startling numbers of empty homes suggest the problem isn’t one of scarcity but affordability

Make your daily dog walks a little longer. Serhii Bobyk/ Shutterstock

Ten small changes you can make today to prevent weight gain

Claire Madigan, Loughborough University; Henrietta Graham, Loughborough University

Making small changes daily can help prevent weight gain in the long run.

A protestor calls for accountability following the murder of Sarah Everard. EPA/Andy Rain

Sarah Everard: we still treat indecent exposure as merely a ‘nuisance’ offence

Jennifer Grant, University of Portsmouth

Investigations are underway over reports that Wayne Couzens exposed himself to women in the days leading up to his horrific crime.

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