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The dire warnings from technology executives that artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity have led some observers to ask: If they think AI is so dangerous, why are they continuing to develop it? Part of the answer is that AI wiping out or enslaving humanity is what it sounds like: science fiction, and the doomsayers appear to be exaggerating.

But that’s not to say that AI does not pose an existential threat to humanity. It does. It’s just not in the overly dramatic way that you might think, writes UMass Boston philosophy professor Nir Eisikovits.

And while doom and destruction are not on the horizon, the threat is very real.

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Eric Smalley

Science + Technology Editor

AI isn’t likely to enslave humanity, but it could take over many aspects of our lives. elenabs/iStock via Getty Images

AI is an existential threat – just not the way you think

Nir Eisikovits, UMass Boston

From open letters to congressional testimony, some AI leaders have stoked fears that the technology is a direct threat to humanity. The reality is less dramatic but perhaps more insidious.

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