It’s about that time of year we reluctantly pull out our winter coats, lighter jackets no longer doing the trick. It’s also the time we start to experience more of those winter lurgies. This year, though, could be particularly bad, with warnings we may face a “tripledemic” as large spikes of COVID, flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) converge. Of course, we don’t know yet exactly how things will play out. But looking back at the trends these viruses have followed in recent years, and how they’re tracking so far this season, can give us clues – and point to how we can protect ourselves.

One way to boost our immunity is through good nutrition. We know this includes eating plenty of fresh produce, and there are often important nutrients to be found in fruit and veg peel, including those whose skins are often discarded. Find out which ones to look out for here.

This week, we’ve launched Fail Better, a series of articles about navigating the moments when things aren’t quite going as planned. When it comes to failing, we’re often told it’s just a stop on the path to success, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Have a read of this piece about the lessons we can take from philosophy when contending with a failure that seems insurmountable. Plus here are three more ways to build resilience to failure.

Phoebe Roth

Commissioning Editor, Health + Medicine

Dragana Gordic/Shutterstock

COVID, flu, RSV – how this triple threat of respiratory viruses could collide this winter

Adam Kleczkowski, University of Strathclyde

Cases of seasonal diseases may be higher due to a lack of exposure during the pandemic. Here are four graphs which give us some clues as to how things might play out.

Piero Facci/Shutterstock

Fruit and veg: is it better to peel them?

Kirsty Hunter, Nottingham Trent University

Not all fruit and vegetables need to be peeled. In fact, a lot of nutrients are lost when we peel them.


Philosophy can help us deal with failures that seem insurmountable

Jonathan Mitchell, Cardiff University

What can you do when you feel like a failure for giving up on a dream?

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