Through various visa restrictions and other measures, the Trump administration hasn’t exactly been making it easy for students from China to study in the United States. But other factors could also soon conspire to keep Chinese students – and the $15 billion they spend each year in tuition at American colleges and universities – at home. Andrew Swindell, a Ph.D. candidate in international education at the University of California, Los Angeles, lists the various forces, including improving Chinese universities and job prospects, that may induce more Chinese students to earn college degrees in their native land.

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Jamaal Abdul-Alim

Education Editor

Chinese universities have risen in prestige. Kevin Frayer / Stringer / Getty Images

5 reasons Chinese students may stop studying in the US

Andrew Swindell, University of California, Los Angeles

A loss of Chinese students from the US – and the US$15 billion they spend on tuition – could have serious repercussions for American colleges and universities.

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