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MAKE Newsletter

January 19, 2011

Happy 2011! We hope you all had a fun holiday and headed into the new year with an armful of resolutions and aspirations (Hey, why not? We aim high to adjust for gravity!). If you resolved to do more making and learn more skills for making, we've got you covered! Throughout the year, we're going to be featuring a series of monthly Make: Skill Sets. January is Electronics month. We hope that, by the end of the year, you'll have a newfound appreciation of – if not a newly acquired set of core competencies in – 12 different maker-related disciplines. It should be fun!

— Gareth

Machine-Knitted Self-Portrait Ski Mask

Looptaggr Spray Paint Can Fixture

Door Knob Previews Room Beyond

Dreamy Post-It Note Artwork

Introducing Make: Arduino!


Over the years, we've amassed tons of Arduino content online, offered dozens of Arduino projects in the magazine (and now on Make: Projects), and stocked plenty of Arduino awesomeness in the Maker Shed. But we've never had a convenient way for readers to access all of this via a single entry point. Now we do! We'll be building this site out in the next few weeks and hope it will become an invaluable portal to all things Arduino.                     >> Make: Aduino

Make: Skill Sets: Electronics


As mentioned in the intro, we have a new theme scheme this year: a series of monthly skills sets. Our first is electronics, something we've covered a lot in MAKE over the years. You can see all of the Electronics Skill Set articles to date here. And we'll be posting more through the end of the month. You can also see our electronics blog archive here and the Make: Projects electronics area here.


MAKE Volume 25 is here!

MakeV25_cover_300x425.jpgWe're thrilled to announce the release of MAKE Volume 25, our Arduino issue. We think it's our best issue ever. I know, we say that every time (but would you want us not trying to outdo ourselves each time?). The issue is chock-full of Arduino tutorials, projects, resources, and kits for all skill levels. Check out this juicy promo vid that Collin Cunningham put together.

Best of Make: Online 2010


For the last week of 2010, we ran a series of roundups on Make: Online of some of the staff's favorite posts and projects of the year and some of the makers who inspired us. We bestowed upon Mitch Altman a special Maker Saint status, for all of his amazing work with makerspaces/hackerspaces, help with Maker Faires and other events, being a great spokesperson for the maker movement, and just for being an all-around good egg. That's Mitch in the photo above, teaching an attendee of Maker Faire Detroit how to solder. 

Here are the "Best Of" posts:

Meet new video maker Matt Richardson


This month, we welcomed Matt Richardson onto the Make: Online team. He'll be doing project videos for us and authoring on the site. Welcome, Matt!

You can see the first project video he did for us here. In it, he shows you how to get electronic alerts for your physical mail. Sweet!

BTW: Matt came to us through our open call for video makers (which is still open)!

A maker's take on CES


This year, for our CES coverage, which we call alt.CES, we had two maker friends of ours on the ground there: O'Reilly/Make: Books author Damien Stolarz and Secret Labs/Netduino developer Chris Walker. Here are their posts from the show: