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Staying Productive In Challenging Times

“We have to seize the day and live fully in this moment. When times get hard, sometimes it brings out the best in us.” - artist, Simon Bull

Artists, and especially writers, are very good at providing perspective.  Always remember that what is yours to share through your writing MATTERS.

Creative Person's Survival Manual by Pen Densham

Seems like a good time to share again a wonderful free resource from writer/producer/director and Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror contributor, Pen Densham.

Read Pen's Guest Blog Post and here is a direct link to the bookPassion Creativity and Success: a Creative Person's Survival Manual.

Soulful Screenwriting this September

Explore the soul of a screenplay and yourself as the writer in this empowering 5-week interactive workshop.

A big running start in beginning a project or rewriting a current screenplay effectively. We'll discuss common screenwriting pitfalls and how to address them, with some favorite Now Write! exercises. 

Limited to 10 participants, this intimate workshop is a safe space to talk about your own script.

$150 on Eventbrite (including fees) OR $135 via Venmo through Aug. 18: (@Laurie-Lamson)

COVID Summer Inspiration, Education, and Escapism

Now Write! contributor-authors are going strong. This is a round-up of brand new books and a couple not-so-new.

Email Laurie to request a free ePub version of Inner Yoga.

Request for Input on "Impostor Syndrome"

I would like to offer support to the community regarding the insidious "Impostor Syndrome."

If you have anything to share about how to recognize and overcome Impostor Syndrome, please do.

This could be a full guest post, a link to a resource, or just a sentence or paragraph of encouragement to be included among others.  

Please send your input to Laurie Lamson.

And please let me know if there's anything I can do to support you during these challenging times.