Staying 6 feet apart is a useful rule of thumb for staying safe from the coronavirus outside. But as cooler weather arrives, we’ll all be spending more time indoors.

That’s where social distancing gets more complicated – 6 feet isn’t always enough. A team of experts in aerosols and fluid dynamics at Clarkson University explains why – and how to stay safe inside – with the help of a smoky room.

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Stacy Morford

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How smoke moves inside a bar or outside in fresh air can help in visualizing how the coronavirus spreads. Shironosova/Getty Images Plus

What a smoky bar can teach us about the ‘6-foot rule’ during the COVID-19 pandemic

Byron Erath, Clarkson University; Andrea Ferro, Clarkson University; Goodarz Ahmadi, Clarkson University; Suresh Dhaniyala, Clarkson University

The 6-foot rule for social distancing doesn’t account for all risks, particularly indoors. Here's what everyone needs to understand as cooler weather moves more activities inside.

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