Britain’s controversial plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing has hit a snag at the European Court of Human Rights. The court ordered the UK not to remove one of the asylum seekers until a final decision has been made in ongoing judicial proceedings in the UK. The first flight had been scheduled to take off on June 14 with just seven passengers on board. There had been more due to fly but legal action enabled them to be removed.

The UK government responded angrily to the court’s decision. Human rights lawyer Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou unpacks the European court’s decision.

Caroline Southey

Founding Editor

Rwanda deportations: what is the European Court of Human Rights, and why did it stop the UK flight from taking off?

Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou, University of Liverpool

The court blocked the UK from deporting asylum-seekers to Rwanda until after cases in the UK are decided.

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