When you hear of “the Black vote,” “the Jewish vote” or “the Latino vote” as a kind of shorthand to describe a voting bloc, it’s probably wrong. There’s no one Jewish vote, no one Latino vote and definitely no monolithic Black vote in the U.S.

American University scholars David C. Barker and Sam Fulwood III write that pundits often portray Black Americans as “loyal Democrat-supporting foot soldiers who will execute their mission for The Team on Tuesday as long as some preacher provides the right marching orders on Sunday.” But in a survey of African Americans in battleground states, they found that young Blacks are unenthusiastic about the Democrats, Biden and voting. And how many of them vote could determine whether Trump or Biden wins.

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  • Naomi Schalit

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    Will young, Black Americans turn out to vote in November? Probal Rashid/LightRocket via Getty Images

    Young Black Americans not sold on Biden, the Democrats or voting

    David C. Barker, American University School of Public Affairs; Sam Fulwood III, American University

    It's a myth that Black voters represent monolithic support for Democrats. A recent survey shows that young Black Americans in swing states have big reservations about Joe Biden, Democrats and voting.

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