Although the stories we hear of rent increases are frightening – some rents are climbing by as much as a third – until now most people’s rents have been relatively stable.

Rent actually paid increased by just 3.5% in the year to October. But advertised rents have climbed 35% since the start of COVID.

This means as more and more rental properties turn over to new tenants, more and more renters are going to be paying the new much-higher advertised rents.

This morning Bruce Bradbury argues Commonwealth Rent Assistance is increasingly unrelated to what’s being charged. The new formula he suggests for calculating it would see rent assistance more than double.

And the increasing numbers of international students returning to Australia now COVID restrictions have been lifted are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of the rental housing crisis.

As Alan Morris and his colleagues explain, about one in four of these students were already in severe financial stress before COVID hit. Their struggles to find and pay for housing are likely to be even tougher now.

Peter Martin

Business + Economy Editor

The rent crisis is set to spread: here’s the case for doubling rent assistance

Bruce Bradbury, UNSW Sydney

Rent assistance is only $10-14 per day, well below rent levels.

As international students flock back, they face even worse housing struggles than before COVID

Alan Morris, University of Technology Sydney; Luke Ashton, University of Technology Sydney; Shaun Wilson, Macquarie University

About one in four international students were in severe financial stress just before COVID hit, and soaring rents and record low vacancies are likely to make their plight even worse now.

‘Drowning for love’ – 5 ways to protect your life while you’re trying to rescue someone in trouble in the water

Amy Peden, UNSW Sydney; Rob Brander, UNSW Sydney

When a loved one is struggling in the water, you might want to rush in to save them. But make sure you stop and think or you could become the one in trouble.

Brazil: swift and robust response to the insurrection highlights the strength of democracy

Felipe Tirado, King's College London

Hundreds of Bolsonaro supporters have been arrested and state governors read the riot act for disloyalty to the elected government.

Labor’s scheme to cut industrial emissions is worryingly flexible

Rebecca Pearse, Australian National University

For years, the ‘safeguard mechanism’ has been widely criticised for lacking teeth. Labor’s new reform doesn’t change that much.

Russia’s war in Ukraine threatens students daily and forces teachers to improvise

Kristina Hook, Kennesaw State University

The war in Ukraine affects everyone – including teachers and students, who are meeting the challenges with their people’s famed determination.

Women work harder than men – our anthropological study reveals why

Yuan Chen, UCL; Ruth Mace, UCL

Men in rural China spend more time in leisure or social activities, or just hanging around and resting.

Why do our dogs and cats bring us dead animals?

Mia Cobb, The University of Melbourne

Are our animal companions showing off when they share more than toys with us? And what should we do about it?

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