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Dear TMVOA Members,

All election materials for the 2014 TMVOA Board of Directors Election will be accessed electronically.  Here is what you can expect for the upcoming election:

  1. Electronic ballots will be sent to the email address we have on file for your property on November 20, 2014.
  2. The email will contain a unique voting link.  This link is your official ballot and may only be used to cast your unique vote.
  3. The link will bring you to our secure voting site where you will be required to enter your customer name and email address exactly as they appear below.  You will receive a separate email for each account to which you are the registered contact.
  4. You will then be directed to vote for the TMVOA Board of Directors candidate of your choice.  Once you submit your vote, your link will be deactivated.  You will not be able to vote again, and you cannot change your vote.

Listed below is the Customer Name and email address registered for your property.  Please keep this information on file as you will need it to vote in the 2014 TMVOA Board of Directors Election.                          

Member Name:     

Email Address:       [email address suppressed]

If there is another email address you would like to use for voting purposes, please send an email to with the updated email address for your property.  If we do not have your email address on file, or if you have specifically requested a mail ballot, you will receive a ballot in the mail after November 20, 2014.

Please contact Sara Larsen at (970) 728-1904 x7 or with questions about electronic voting.

 Why is TMVOA moving to electronic voting?

  1. Research has shown that electronic voting maximizes homeowner participation in the voting process, and we anticipate it will help TMVOA make quorum more easily and quickly.

  2. Voting online is time-saving and accurate.

  3. Electronic voting is private and secure.

  4. Electronic voting is environment friendly.

I prefer to vote with a standard paper ballot.  Is that still an option?

Yes, please contact Sara Larsen at (970) 728-1904 x7 or and an official ballot will be sent to you in the mail.

When will I receive my electronic ballot?

Electronic ballots will be sent by email on Thursday, November 20, 2014.  For voters who have not yet cast their vote, the electronic ballots will be resent on December 3, 2014 and December 15, 2014.  The election will close on December 19, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. MST.

How will I know if you received my vote?

Once you have successfully cast your vote, you will receive an on-screen confirmation message that your vote was received.  You will also receive a separate email stating that your vote has been registered.

I accidentally deleted the email with my official ballot.  Can you resend another ballot?

Yes, please contact Sara Larsen at (970) 728-1904 x7 or and a new ballot will be emailed to you.

I voted for the wrong candidate.  Can I change my vote?

No, like a paper ballot, once your ballot has been submitted, you will not be able to change your vote.  You will receive a verification message when you first attempt to submit your vote, asking you to finalize your vote, giving you a chance to make any final changes.

What verification do you use to ensure that there is one vote per household?

Each electronic ballot is a unique voting link and has an individual ballot number registered to your property.   This is your official ballot and may only be used once.  Once the link has been used, and your vote has been registered, it will be deactivated.  If we receive more than one vote for any property (for example, if you also request a paper ballot) only the first registered vote will be counted.

What site security measures are in place to ensure my vote is secure?

The electronic voting application is safe-guarded against common and applicable security vulnerabilities.  Extensive logging support also allows for retroactive analysis and verification that every vote was submitted by the person assigned to that vote.  There are no systems in place for a user to modify anything on the system other than to submit their vote, and to generate log entries as a result of their actions. Users cannot submit text, malicious code, modify their vote, or change any aspect of the election system.

How do I know the electronic election results are accurate?

Similar to a conventional election, TMVOA is using an independent third party to verify all election results.  All votes are authenticated by the electronic voting system.

I don’t want to receive a bunch of SPAM.  How do I know you won’t share my email?

The TMVOA electronic voting site is maintained separately from our email marketing platform.  If you choose not to receive TMVOA updates or newsletters, you will not be added to that list and TMVOA will not share your email with any third party.