We’ve seen an awful lot of men during this campaign, often doing some carefully managed roleplay while wearing high-vis vests. It might be surprising, given the extent to which the treatment of women has been at the centre of public debate over the past few years, that “women’s issues” (that awful term, surely they are everyone’s issues) have not been more central to the campaigns of the two major parties.

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese offer different models of masculine leadership, writes Michelle Arrow, with the Labor leader still fond of a high-vis vest but equally comfortable talking to women and holding babies while on the campaign trail. In contrast, the prime minister has focused his efforts on wooing male voters with his “blokey campaign schtick”.

But if the polls are to be believed, women voters are coming after the government in particular, “with baseball bats”, and it may be their votes that decide the outcome on Saturday night.

Amanda Dunn

Section Editor: Politics + Society

Hey, guess what, guys? Women vote too – and they may decide the outcome of this election

Michelle Arrow, Macquarie University

Despite the treatment of women being hotly debated in recent times, they have been largely overlooked during the election - and that may have big consequences on May 21.

Roundabouts and car parks? The major parties are promising much on transport, but they should stick to their jobs

Marion Terrill, Grattan Institute

Labor and the Coalition are promising a lot in terms of transport, but most of the projects haven’t been assessed by Infrastructure Australia and are outside the federal government’s remit.

Below the Line: A Facebook executive explains the last-minute election battle on social media – podcast

Benjamin Clark, The Conversation

In the final episode of our election podcast before polling day, our expert panel interview a Facebook official on the online campaign, and discuss Morrison's mea culpa and last-minute housing policy.

‘Where have all you Australians gone?’ Australia’s shrinking role in cultural diplomacy

Alison Carroll, The University of Melbourne

Germany and England spend around A$4–5 per capita on cultural engagement and diplomacy. We spend 20 cents.

Kids don’t vote but teachers and parents sure do – what are the parties offering on schools?

David Roy, University of Newcastle

The 2022 election campaign has not exactly been a policy fest. And one critical area we have heard very little about is schools.

Elections used to be about costings. Here’s what’s changed

Peter Martin, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

Making promises add up just before an election carries risks. Labor says its no longer willing to wear them.

Are real wages falling? Here’s the evidence

Sue Richardson, Flinders University

The buying power of wages began slipping mid last year year. The wages share of national income has been sliding since 2016.

Bucking the trend: Is there a future for ultra long-haul flights in a net zero carbon world?

Susanne Becken, Griffith University; Paresh Pant, Griffith University

Ultra long-haul flights make it possible to go Sydney to London non-stop. But does the world need them, given they are more polluting and less efficient?

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