Today in The Conversation Canada, we're highlighting the rich history and cultures of Black communities in Canada. While Black History Month is important, today’s two featured analyses remind us that amplifying the history and culture of Black communities is not something that should be confined to one month but, rather, should happen every day of the year.

Alpha Abebe of McMaster University writes about the growing diversity within Black Canadian communities. While sharing experiences, different communities across Canada have their own histories and cultures. “There is so much to make note of as far as how Blackness itself is being made and remade in Canada through these shifting tides,” she writes.

Also today, a group of researchers from Western University’s Black Londoners Project discuss the history of the Ontario city’s Black communities through archival records of one of its former residents, Aurelia Jones, who later moved to Halifax. Jones was a prominent member of the Black community in mid-19th century London, and the spouse of Abel Bedford Jones, a Black entrepreneur and religious and political leader.

“The project aims to form a map of Black spaces in London, and to trace the connection diverse African diasporas have to the city,” they write.

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Eden Hagos (right) the founder of Black Foodie, sits with fellow African content creator Yvonne Ben. (Black Foodie)

The diversity within Black Canada should be recognized and amplified

Alpha Abebe, McMaster University

While “Black Canada” is a useful blanket term and important organizing identity, a closer look reveals a detailed tapestry of communities that also deserves visibility.

Reproduction of a landscape drawing of London, Ont. (Canada West) in 1855. (Map & Data Centre/Western Libraries at Western University)

Black Londoners of Canada: Digital mapping reveals Ontario’s Black history and challenges myths

Elizabeth Hinds-Hueglin, Western University; David Mitterauer, Western University; Patrick Kinghan, Western University

The Black Londoners Project approaches Black history geographically by supplementing narratives of 16 Black individuals with archival evidence about their lives.

There is an urgent need to start a conversation with Canadians to improve awareness of women’s heart health.

It’s time for a heart-to-heart about women’s cardiovascular health, unique risk factors and symptoms

Nabilah Gulamhusein, University of Calgary; Sandi Dumanski, University of Calgary

It’s important for women to not only be aware of their risk for heart disease, but also how they can be proactive and make informed decisions regarding their heart health at all stages of life.

Telescopes have to contend with light pollution from satellites. (Shutterstock)

An astronomer’s lament: Satellite megaconstellations are ruining space exploration

Samantha Lawler, University of Regina

Megaconstellations of satellites are hindering the most powerful tool for space exploration: telescopes.

After years of negative rhetoric, a mindset shift towards believing work isn’t a necessary evil couldn’t hurt. (Shutterstock)

New research debunks the ‘unhappy worker’ narrative, but finds most still believe it

Scott Schieman, University of Toronto

Could the adverse effects of anti-work rhetoric spread beyond one’s own job perception? A sociologist’s recent research sheds light on the question.

Tech companies have laid off thousands of game developers in recent months. (Shutterstock)

The video game industry is booming. Why are there so many layoffs?

Kenzie Gordon, University of Alberta; Jennifer R. Whitson, University of Waterloo; Johanna Weststar, Western University; Sean Gouglas, University of Alberta

Recent waves of layoffs shine a light on the systemic issues in the game industry and the post-graduation promises universities are making to students.

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L’entraînement musculaire est à peu près aussi efficace que les exercices aérobiques pour tous les aspects importants de la santé, y compris la santé cardiovasculaire. (Shutterstock)

La musculation a des bienfaits insoupçonnés sur la santé, surtout avec l'âge

Stuart Phillips, McMaster University

Les exercices aérobiques devraient partager la vedette avec l’haltérophilie en tant que forme d’exercice qui favorise la santé et qui peut être indispensable au fur et à mesure que nous vieillissons.

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