As the Houston Astros take on the Atlanta Braves in the 116th World Series, another season is set to conclude without major league baseball reaching a notable milestone.

Baseball – the first major U.S. sport to integrate when Jackie Robinson took the field in 1947 – is looking like it will be the last major male team sport in the U.S. to have a player in uniform come out of the closet.

Peter Dreier, a political science scholar and student of the game, explores baseball’s complicated history with gay rights – the homophobia that was once rampant throughout the league, and the players and executives who, in recent years, have pushed back.

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While the league has taken steps to make baseball more welcoming for LGBTQ employees and fans, no active player has come out. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

How much longer will major league baseball stay in the closet?

Peter Dreier, Occidental College

Among the more than 20,000 men who have played major league baseball, not one has publicly come out of the closet while still in uniform.

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