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From Kim

Our Last Nomads of Upper Mustang group just returned from a snowy & adventurous trek in mythical Upper Mustang, which is always a unique region to visit, changing with every passing season. March was a bit early to go and Mother Nature threw some hooks our way but getting our horses through a 2-meter snow channel, through canyons blocked by rockfalls, ice & mud and into some of Mustang’s most remote & intriguing villages under blue skies was so worth it. The blue skies, now covered hills, absence of jeeps & trucks and total lack of other tourists made it one of our best treks in Upper Mustang ever. We’ll try for the TERI LA crossing into Nar Phu again in the next year or two.

On a sad note, the nomads and many of the local villagers lost up to half of their yaks, goat & sheep, a huge blow to this fragile region. If anyone wants to ‘adopt a goat’ (from which pashmina comes) let me know. We are trying to donate some money to the nomadic families who are struggling to make it after the harsh winter. Get in touch with Kim at kamzang@project-himalaya.com

Biking in on the Roof of the World!

Considering your next adventure? Join Lhakpa & I with a few friends on the spectacular Lhasa to Kathmandu bike trip from 7-29 June. We’re looking forward to pedaling through the beautiful Tibetan countryside, sometimes camping, other times staying in hotels and visiting the Buddhist monasteries en route. After crossing the Himalayan range we spend the last night at The Last Resort just over the border for a bit of tropical pampering …

Contact Kim kamzang@project-himalaya.com

Jamie's update

I have been globe trotting, New Zealand to visit family, Argentina for Aconcagua, Ladakh to check conditions for a winter adventure and also some time in Singapore with Esther. Now I am in Tibet en route to Everest with a team of four, all different nationalities. I will be posting occasional updates on the Project Himalaya Facebook page, do follow our progress.

Who wants to come to Zanskar in June? It is a classic trek with a bit of everything. Remote villages, ancient gompas, canyons and of course those high passes., and really is the best of that region.

The partially exploratory GHT Wild West trek is tentatively full, I am still confirming with one person though, so if you want to be first on the waitlist do email Jamie@project-himalaya.com

Great Divide album

Storm chasing (us!) Arabella at Tsomoriri

I love recording at least some of the adventures and the captivating beauty along the way and here is another photo album, enjoy on Flickr. Last summer we explored The Great Divide and had an amazing trek. We climbed my elusive peak for some 6000m satisfaction and crossed some rarely trekked passes, and just had an all round good time.

We are heading back in 2016 to Cross the Great Divide, a variation on the theme that ends with Ki Gompa in Spiti and Manali - join us!