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Guest Post by Deb Eckerling: Celebrate Your Wins and Start Making New Plans

When do you set new goals and make new plans?

Every week? Every month? Every year? All of the above? I do, too!

While many wait for January for their fresh start, I like to begin the new year in December (aka DEBcember!) Approaching the next calendar year with a running start is the perfect way to set yourself up for success.

While everyone is winding down 2021, you can start achieving your 2022 goals before January 1st!

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The Deb Show podcast

Top goal-setting & goal-getting expert Debra Eckerling chats with amazing, diverse personalities on The DEB Show.

Topics include entrepreneurship, writing, productivity, marketing, social media, embracing change, work-life balance, self-care, and more.

(Laurie Lamson is scheduled to be a guest on January 24, 2022.)

“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” ― Albert Camus

Nice new review for Now Write! Fiction.

The Gift of Reading Ultimate Book Giveaway - til December 17

Gift of Reading Ultimate Book Giveaway

Click this title or graphic below to enter by December 17 for a chance to win a pile of books, including Now Write! Screenwriting and other prizes, like a free 30-min. story consultation on your book or screenplay with moi, Now Write! editor/co-editor, Laurie Lamson.

The Feature: Opportunity for Writers

Many of you have already received direct invitations. As we get closer to launch, I can now share this with the full Now Write! list.

The Feature is using technology to change the way original IP is discovered and purchased, and make it more secure and equitable for creators. Current soft launch for HUXLEY is going very well.

The founders are screenwriter/creators with 20+ years of industry experience each. They’re on a mission to level the playing field for writers around the world who have completed scripts that are ready to sell, by increasing their exposure to verified buyers.

For more info please contact: laurie.lamson@thefeature.io

Wishing you and yours the best of everything now, throughout the holiday season, and in the year to come.