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Mars - 2013 - March

5773 Adar - Nissan

Happy Passover - Pesach Sameach!

Message from the Interim Head of School

Jennifer Fraenkel

On February 10th, the Akiva community heard word that Rabbi David Hartman z"l, founder of The Akiva School, had passed away.  The Akiva School was profoundly influenced by Rabbi Hartman's belief that a child's education was an inseparable blend of religious purposefulness and secular academic strength...

Message from the President

Suzanne Costom Cutler

As always, Akiva is bustling with activity.  We began 2013 with 4 truly outstanding, sold out performances of "Shrek - The inside story" by our Akiva players...

Improving the "French face" of Akiva

Akiva hires a French Language Consultant

One of Akiva's key priorities is to provide enhanced learning opportunities in French and make sure that our school is well positioned in the Quebec society around us.  Now, thanks to support made available through CJA's Generations Fund, Akiva has hired a French Language Consultant to help guide us in this area.


Math Day Adds Up to Fun at Akiva

Full day of math through music-related activities

This year's Math day was an all day math-fest with a twist - all math activities revolved around the theme of music!  Find out more about how Akiva students "tuned into" math...

C'est la Francofête!

Le 11-17 mars, 2013

Quel plaisir de voir la joie sur le visage de tous ces jeunes! Donner le goût de communiquer en Français en célébrant la langue a été un grand succès.

An "Ogre- Knight" Success

The Akiva Play - "Shrek - The Inside Story"

The Akiva Players' 9th Annual production was a huge success with 4 sold out shows at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts.

Bullying, Bill 56 and Building Community

Parent Education Evening

On Thursday, February 28th, The Akiva School held a very important parent education evening on the topic of bullying and Akiva's behavioural program to help prevent and deal with any bullying incidents at the school.

Pennies for Purim

Chesed Committee raises money for MADA

For the holiday of Purim, The Akiva School held a "Pennies for Purim" program to help raise funds to support the MADA Community Kosher food bank.

Reaching New Heights at Akiva

Akiva Annual Giving Campaign 2012-13

The Annual Giving Campaign kicked off in December 2012 to raise vital funds for our school.  Please give generously today..

Spotlight on Alumni

Dr. Jennifer Friedmann

Dr. Jennifer Friedmann graduated from The Akiva School in 1990.  Find out what she's up to now and how the Akiva experience helped shape her future...

Spotlight on Akiva Grandparents

Join the Grandparent Annual Giving Campaign

Join this year's honorary AGC Grandparent co-chairs, Mark Caplan and Marvin Rosenbloom in the Akiva Grandparent Annual Giving Campaign to help build the future of the school and stay in close touch with your grandchildren's education...

Who's Who at Akiva

Meet Valerie

Valerie Kadoch enseigne en cinquième année et la coordonnatrice du département de Français de l'école Akiva.  

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