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MAKE Newsletter

July 24, 2012

In this month's special edition of the Make: Newsletter, we continue our love affair with the eminently useful tool tip. As always, we'd love to hear your clever tips and shop shortcuts. Send (with pics) to tips@makezine.com. You may see yours in a future newsletter.

-Gareth Branwyn

A Literal Tool Tip Tip

Those newfangled synthetic wine corks make great blade covers for chisels and gouges. Colorful, too!

Hold 'Em Steady

Use a breadboard to hold header pins straight while soldering. Insert the header pins into a breadboard and then align your circuit board on top, slot the pins through the PCB holes, and solder.

Improvised Soldering Aid

A washer with a pair of alligator clips (or small binder clips) make a pretty effective improvised workholding jig for soldering wires. 

Homebrewed Gear Puller

Frequent MAKE contributor Craig Smith made this ingenius puller by micro spot-welding together some nuts and bolts, to remove the gear from his cordless drill so he could replace the motor. 

Small Parts Wrangling

Use double-sided tape to secure tiny parts. You can also write the parts names, sizes, and other notes around the tape.

Chucky Lives!

Need to hold round stock for drilling or thread-cutting? Repurpose an old drill chuck as a vise.