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Last week, one of my nieces moved about 2,000 miles to begin a graduate degree in library science. In honor of that new beginning, this week’s editor’s pick is a 2016 article by Donald Barclay. The University of California, Merced, librarian explained why libraries are still popular in the age of the internet.

Emily Costello

Managing Editor

Sign on the dotted line. AndreyPopov/iStock via Getty Images

Robots are coming for the lawyers – which may be bad for tomorrow’s attorneys but great for anyone in need of cheap legal assistance

Elizabeth C. Tippett, University of Oregon; Charlotte Alexander, Georgia State University

Lawyers were thought to be mostly immune from the coming AI revolution, but two legal experts explain why jobs that rely on human ingenuity can still be affected.

What might seem like small changes, like a degree of warming, can have big consequences. AP Photo/John McConnico

IPCC climate report: Profound changes are underway in Earth’s oceans and ice – a lead author explains what the warnings mean

Robert Kopp, Rutgers University

Some of the climate changes will be irreversible for millennia. But some can be slowed and even stopped if countries quickly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, including from burning fossil fuels.