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March 2021




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User Experience

BecauseAccessibility checklist

This checklist uses the The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a reference point.



User Experience

OpinionDebranding Is the New Branding

From Burger King and Toyota to Intel and Warner Brothers, major brands are discarding detail and depth. Why now, and what’s the rush? And most of all: do we need a new something-brand word to name it.

User Experience

Eco-conceptionLe guide d’éco-conception de services numériques

Ce guide, créé par l'association des Designers Éthiques, présente les principales bonnes pratiques de design pour réaliser des services numériques à l’empreinte environnementale réduite. 

method design

ArticleHow to plan & create a website or app. Not another design process.

One framework to approaching challenges and handling web or app projects in collaboration with clients and partners. Rereading this piece as we are working on our own playbook.

Sustainable web design

BecauseSustainable Web Design

Sustainable web design is an approach to designing digital products and services that puts people and planet first.




Point of view

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I quit!

Yup, that’s right: I’m getting away. I flee! Don’t you worry, my job is still my passion and design is my calling. I’m talking about detoxing from too many newsletter subscriptions. Inbox flood is a pain and I’ve been stressed for too long looking regularly at this “new message” counter. I can’t (yet) get rid of the endless flow of calendar invitations, platform notifications, people asking for a job or a contract, etc.

The first step is to clean my current subscriptions! Goodbye online shops “best ever product news update”, goodbye lazy automated half-promoted content nuggets, goodbye old un-relevant and forgotten opt-in. My 2 criteria: do I (still) want to read this and do I have the time.

Free some space in your inbox and in your mind. On this topic and shared by a my friend Claudia: Digital World Cleanup Day. ​

Magnificent gif stolen in the amazing Datagif media newsletter. Subscribe at your own risk.


- Guillaume


March 2021

This month we like


Video project • Take a ride with me

A great project from a former colleague of our designer Yassine. Go have a look!


Instagram • bielkeyang

The Oslo-based design studio has some really nice projects.

AIGA Eye on design

Blog • AIGA Eye on design

When one of our developers shares this design must-read blog with us. Kudos Iris! 🥰


Font • Manuka

New font from Klim Type Foundry (spoiler alert: it is beautiful).


Quote of the month

"There are no bad users, only bad designers"


inspired by Timothy Prestero


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