Secessionist causes are part and parcel of the political fabric in regions as diverse as sub-Saharan Africa, eastern and western Europe and north America. Many have stoked the flames of war. Julius Heise and Werner Distler analyse the secessionist movement in Ghana’s Volta region in this broader context, relating the intermittent violence in the region to the deal that was struck as the country made its transition from colonial rule after the end of the Second World War.

One of Nigeria’s three main ethnic groups, the Igbo, like most other indigenous groups, believe in maintaining legacies of not just their language but other values, customs and norms. Nnamdi Madichie explores why for the Igbos, entrepreneurship and business continuity seems paramount as a means to ensure that there are trans-generational business legacies.

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Godfred Boafo

Commissioning Editor: Ghana

Modern secession claims find their roots in the Trusteeship System of the UN. Wikimedia Commons

Ghana’s secessionist conflict has its genesis in colonialism: it’s time to drop the threats

Julius Heise, University of Marburg; Werner Distler, University of Marburg

Colonial powers framed secessionism as a threat to state-building and not as an expression of self-determination

Computer village, Lagos, is one of those places where Igbo entrepreneurship is practiced and passed on to the next generation. Photo by Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP via Getty Images

Lessons from Igbo trans-generational entrepreneurship: why it matters

Nnamdi Madichie, Nnamdi Azikiwe University

The Igbos, like most other indigenous groups, believe in maintaining a legacy of not just their language, but other values, including trans-generational business legacies.


Deaan Vivier/Beeld/Gallo Images via Getty Images

The reasons South Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine programme looks bleak

Veronica Ueckermann, University of Pretoria

At the current vaccination pace it will take over a decade for South Africa to reach herd immunity, with many lives lost along the way.

Ghana’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is struggling to keep up with its great start

Nana Kofi Quakyi, New York University

The COVID-19 vaccination programme requires stringent data collection and transparency.

COVID-19 has left Ghana’s healthcare workers stressed – but simple things can help

Patience Afulani, University of California, San Francisco

Provider burnout is expensive for the health system given its associations with low quality of care, absenteeism, and high workforce turnover.

COVID-19 in India: an unfolding humanitarian crisis

Michael Head, University of Southampton

Stories of reaching herd immunity were certainly premature.

COVID-19 in Brazil: how Jair Bolsonaro created a calamity

Alfredo Saad Filho, King's College London; Fernanda Feil, Universidade Federal Fluminense

The Brazilian president has engineered the conditions for the virus to run rampant through the country while he pursues his own agenda.


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Rwanda : des commémorations du génocide rythmées par les agendas politique et diplomatique

André Guichaoua, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Retour détaillé sur l’évolution de la commémoration par les autorités rwandaises du génocide de 1994.

Politiques antiterroristes : quel rôle pour la recherche ?

Raul Magni-Berton, Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA); Clara Egger, University of Groningen; Simon Varaine, Sciences Po Grenoble

Dans le cadre de la lutte contre le terrorisme, la recherche doit-elle uniquement porter sur les politiques publiques ou doit-elle aussi informer les citoyens ?


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