A shocking report from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has detailed evidence of torture, discrimination, mass detention, forced labour and widespread surveillance against Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim groups in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Justine Nolan argues that, until there is broader access and independent verification of working conditions, businesses should assume that goods from the region are tainted with modern slavery.

Migrating birds follow ancient pathways. But, as Tom Langen explains, the tools scientists use to study them are constantly improving. Satellite telemetry, passive acoustic recording and other technologies are providing new insights into when, where and how birds migrate – knowledge that can make conservation strategies more effective.

In South Africa fears of new wave of xenophobic attacks have been mounting as anti-immigrant protestors have sought to stop foreigners from accessing hospitals. This follows a fierce debate about foreigners – in particular Zimbabweans – crossing the border to use health facilities. Norman Nyazema describes the abysmal state of healthcare in Zimbabwe.

And in the wake of tennis superstar Serena Williams emotional farewell to her professional match career, Erin Whiteside analysis the important shifts that have taken place in media coverage during the course of her career while Awino Okech reflects on the four lessons the icon can offer sportswomen in Africa.

Caroline Southey

Founding Editor

UN report on Xinjiang abuses leaves no room for plausible deniability

Justine Nolan, UNSW Sydney

The Chinese government’s action in Xinjiang may constitute crimes against humanity, says a long awaited report from UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Birds migrate along ancient routes – here are the latest high-tech tools scientists are using to study their amazing journeys

Tom Langen, Clarkson University

Satellite telemetry, tiny geolocation tags and passive acoustic recording are providing new insights into bird migration and vital data for conservation.

Serena Williams forced sports journalists to get out of the ‘toy box’ – and cover tennis as more than a game

Erin Whiteside, University of Tennessee

There is no understating the impact Williams has had on the game itself. But her role in helping sports journalists reimagine the scope of their work is a key part of her enduring legacy.

4 lessons from Serena Williams for sportswomen in Africa

Awino Okech, SOAS, University of London

She blazed a trail for Black women athletes – despite the challenges they face in sport and society.