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Weekends are time for chores. One that’s been stressful lately is filling the gas tank. I recently paid $4.65 per gallon and experienced a few heart palpitations as I watched the total price on the pump tick up.

President Biden stepped in on Thursday, announcing plans to release millions of gallons of oil from the nation’s strategic reserve. If you’re curious about how this stockpile came to be – and how much it can actually do to moderate the pain at the pump – Scott Montgomery at the University of Washington has some answers.

Last Thursday was also Trans Day of Visibility. If you’d like to learn more about the issues facing transgender youths and their families, we have published a series of articles on that topic.

Emily Costello

Managing Editor

Evaluating student work and offering feedback doesn’t mean there has to be a grade. PeopleImages/E+ via Getty Images

I no longer grade my students’ work – and I wish I had stopped sooner

Elisabeth Gruner, University of Richmond

Grades don’t actually measure learning, and they can increase students’ stress and decrease their motivation. A college professor explains an alternative to grading students’ work.

Older adults who nap at least once for more than an hour a day have a 40% higher chance of developing dementia. ozgurdonmaz/E+ via Getty Images

Longer naps in the day may be an early sign of dementia in older adults

Yue Leng, University of California, San Francisco

While longer naps are a normal part of aging, excessively long dozes could be a warning signal for cognitive decline.

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