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April 2021




Howdy! We hope you are hungry for some fresh home-baked design delicatessen.

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us last month. You'll see it evolve soon… Congrats to Lara from Nothing Interactive, your book in on the way!

Tool Figjam


Figma's new collaborative tool. We're already looking forward to trying it out for brainstorming sessions and workshops. Don't be mad Miro, we still love you.

Motion design school

LearnMotion design

Hardcore courses on animation and motion design. “One of the best resources out there for learning motion” approved by Yassine.

Brain - cognitive biais

Article10 Cognitive biases every designers must know

Cognitive bias has been a returning topic during those last few years. A useful article to take the rational decisions, especially when you’re a design researcher and you conduct interviews.

User Experience

ClickThe UX of buttons

An opinionated dissection of the expected interaction of buttons. How do we handle this omnipresent little brick?

User Experience

Word.101 design rules

Brian Collins personal list of design-related wisdom nuggets, industry rants and guiding principles. Scream, cheer, repeat & enjoy.


Point of view

Femme devant un ordinateur, qui ne comprend pas et qui réfléchit

Illectronism, starting at the foundation of inclusivity.

I recently learned a new term that stuck with me: Illectronism. A somehow new word, the contraction of illiteracy and electronics. Definition is “the difficulty or inability of a person to use digital devices and computer tools due to a lack or complete absence of knowledge about the way if operates” (according to the encyclopaedia).

When designing a website or application, research is carried out with the audience in mind, usability tests are here to assess what has been produced. We work on accessible solutions for visually impaired people, we run simplification reviews, we sometimes produce alternate versions of pages with simplified explanations, we improve performance as much as we can so that our sites can deliver information without the most badass network access, etc.

We honestly tend to neglect people for whom even using a smartphone or a computer is complicated. It is not a new topic but right now, as everything becomes an online thing, from education to entertainment, even making an appointment to get vaccinated: we want to make it count.

How can we better integrate these people? How can we avoid discriminating them, when our role consists of putting services and information on a device they fear?

- Noémie

Illustration © pch.vector


April 2021

This month we like

font caraque

AaBbCc • Caraque

This font is delicious, bouncy, playful, and almost eatable. What do you think? We love it! Have a bite.

Lamanna's Bakery website

Food • Lamanna's Bakery

Pizzas, donuts and ice creams… Junk food to make a playful and delicious website! 🍕 So decadent, a guilty pleasure.

AIGA Eye on design

Plants • How Many Plants

“How Many Plants” is a growing plant care resources and community for ALL plant parents, seasoned enthusiasts and first timers alike! 🌿

Illustrations Toshiyuki Fukuda

Illustration • Toshiyuki Fukuda

Beautiful illustrations by Japanese artist Toshiyuki Fukuda. Mesmerising, timeless and unique.


Quote of the month

"We need to do less, but better"


Wholegrain digital


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