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MAKE Newsletter

July 11, 2012

The energy is palpable as the dynamo of summer spins up to full speed and we're off in a dozen different directions. Our "Summer of Making" continues with the exciting announcement yesterday of Maker Camp on Google+. We also just released MAKE Volume 31, our "Punk Science" issue, which also features a fun autonomous dog ball launcher on the cover. Look for that issue to start showing up in mailboxes soon. And our summer season of Mini Maker Faires is in full bloom as well. What summer makery are you up to? I'd love to hear your story.

-Gareth Branwyn


Laser Settings for Engraving Hot Dogs

Get Started with the BeagleBone

Millefiori: Ferrofluid + Watercolor

Dollar Store Arc Reactor

Intern's Corner: The Arduino Bumper

In the current installment of Intern's Corner, Eric Chu discusses the Arduino Bumpers he's been working on. The Bumper is a 3D-printed case for any Arduino that uses the Uno form factor. It allows the Arduino to be placed on a flat conductive surface without running the risk of shorting out your microcontroller. It also keeps the bottom of the board from scratching your table. Print your own and customize your boards with your favorite colors! See Eric's full blog post here.

Calling All Virtual Campers!

We're pitching the virtual tents, patching up the leaky cyber-canoes, and boning up on our air bugling skills. It's almost time for Maker Camp! We've teamed up with Google+ to offer an exciting online summer camp for teens ages 13-18. Starting on July 16, we'll work our way through 30 projects in 30 days, We'll cover a whole range of making, featuring the assistance of a bunch of really cool camp counselors. We'll even be taking virtual field trips every Friday. So climb into your cargo shorts, strap on your Swiss Army knife, and get ready to join in at Maker Camp.

A Summer of Making in 3D!

We hope you've gotten a chance to check out our School's Out special issue of MAKE. If you haven't, you really should give it a peek. We think it's one of the best things we've done in awhile, a kid-focused magazine stuffed to the margins with cool projects, nifty toys, fun science experiments, and even treats to eat. And, it all leaps off of the pages in 3D (glasses included). If you're hearing the "B" word a lot at this point ("I'm bored"), here is a stimulating antidote.

Working with EL Wire

On Make: Projects, electroluminescent wire makers EZ-EL have posted a series of tutorials on using EL wire in a host of different applications. Yes, they are a manufacturer and use their products in the projects, but you can use other EL wire in the same applications. Projects cover the gamut, from a kid's EL wire umbrella (très Blade Runner), to a Tron-like car interior, to a tricked out EL-wired wheelchair (above). I was in a wheelchair years ago, and I would have loved trucking around in this hotwired chair.