Late last night, London’s High Court granted Julian Assange a legal lifeline in his battle against extradition to the United States, ruling the WIkileaks founder could take his case to an appeal hearing against his extradition if the US and UK did not give assurances on several matters relating to his treatment, including freedom of expression.

So what does that all mean? Holly Cullen explains that the judgement opens the door for a full appeal, which would likely be heard later this year. If the appeal were to succeed, the extradition process would be over. Assange would then be released from Belmarsh prison and likely deported to Australia.

However, if the appeal fails, he could seek leave to appeal to the UK Supreme Court. If leave is denied or a further appeal fails, he would at that stage have exhausted all possible remedies in the United Kingdom.

Amanda Dunn

Politics + Society Editor

Assange wins legal lifeline against extradition to the US – but there’s a sting in the tail

Holly Cullen, The University of Western Australia

The Wikileaks founder will be granted leave to appeal his extradition to the US if the US and UK do not provide assurances in relation to the accepted grounds of the appeal.

The UN Security Council has finally called for a ceasefire in Gaza. But will it have any effect?

Marika Sosnowski, The University of Melbourne

Though the resolution is binding, it is not enforceable under international law. This leaves the work to international negotiators to hammer out the details of an agreement.

Government rushing through bill to crack down on ‘uncooperative’ non-citizens it is trying to remove

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

The government is rushing legislation through parliament to crack down on unlawful immigrants. In a further reaction to the high court decision late last year.

Uber has settled a class action lawsuit for $270 million – what was it accused of?

Peter Martin, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

The just-settled lawsuit accused Uber of knowing that its drivers were breaking the law, paying their fines and “greyballing” investigators.

Politics with Michelle Grattan: Kim Beazley on Kevin Rudd, being an ambassador, and a possible second Trump presidency

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

Kim Beazley, a former Labor leader and Australia's ambassador in Washington joins us to talk about Donald Trump's denigrating comments about Kevin Rudd, AUKUS and the Australia-Chinese relationship.

If uni marks are going up, does that mean there’s a problem?

Phillip Dawson, Deakin University; Thomas Corbin, Deakin University

Education experts call it ‘grade inflation’. This comes amid reports of more high distinctions being awarded at some Australian universities.

Why Russia fears the emergence of Tajik terrorists

Richard Foltz, Concordia University

News that four of the suspects in the Moscow terror attacks are Tajik will likely result in further demonization against people already facing poverty and discrimination, despite a glorious history.

Moscow attacks: why the Kremlin may have ignored any terrorist warnings from the CIA

Robert M. Dover, University of Hull

The US said it shared information about a potential attack weeks before the Crocus City massacre.

Gaza conflict: snapshot of a population being starved into submission

Nnenna Awah, Sheffield Hallam University

The situation in Gaza grows more desperate by the day.

Want to quit vaping? There’s an app for that

Fiona McKay, Deakin University; Matthew Dunn, Deakin University

Here’s what to look for when you’re browsing for apps.

We went looking for glowing interstellar gas – and stumbled on 49 unknown galaxies

Marcin Glowacki, Curtin University

An attempt to study gas in one galaxy with the MeerKAT radio telescope detected 49 other galaxies instead.

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