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Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate with this article about the importance of positive fathering and how it can be practiced by dads, relatives, stepfathers, foster fathers and unrelated mentors.

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Workplace laws in the U.S. change fast. In my first job out of college, my co-workers chain-smoked in our tiny Manhattan office – a practice that New York City later banned. Since then, a variety of federal laws have passed that support pregnant workers and that require reasonable accommodations for pumping breast milk.

In a reader favorite last week, three law professors who study employment discrimination, feminism and menstruation argue it’s time to make work life easier for people experiencing menopause. Such policies are already common in the U.K., and the mayor of New York City recently promised “more menopause-friendly workplaces” for local workers.

How would you like to see workplaces evolve? Hit reply and send me your ideas.

Later this week, we’ll bring you stories about crowding on public lands, the rights of airline passengers when their flights are canceled, the future of the PGA tour and more.

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Travel to Miami, and you might hear people say ‘get down from the car’ instead of ‘get out of the car.’ Miami Herald/Getty Images

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Phillip M. Carter, Florida International University

It came about through sustained contact with native Spanish speakers who directly translated phrases from Spanish into English, a form of linguistic borrowing called ‘calques.’

Editors' picks

Hot flashes can happen anywhere, including at work. Aleksei Morozov/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Millions of women are working during menopause, but US law isn’t clear on employees’ rights or employers’ obligations

Naomi Cahn, University of Virginia; Bridget J. Crawford, Pace University ; Emily Gold Waldman, Pace University

Three scholars who are writing a book about menopause and the law suggest ways to protect women experiencing it.

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