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May 2019


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Edition number eight. Let’s ask a Grand Oracle some preview of the future of design!

👩🏻 8-ball,hat about the future of our industry?

🎱 “Cannot predict now”

Thank you ball, very helpful…

Resources for Product Management by FYI

ToolsResources for Product Management by FYI

Not "all" that you need to get things done, but some pretty useful resources and templates for your current project. Or your next one!

Checklist of 15 UX Guidelines to Help Users

Menu(s)Checklist of 15 UX Guidelines to Help Users

From 2015 & still relevant. People rely on navigation menus to find content and their way around your app or website. Don't mislead them!

Email Design Review

Got Mail?Email Design Review

ActionRocket launched their email digest, gathering best practice strategy, design insights and code tips for newsletters and email communication.

A starting collection of the best UX and UI practices

To-do listsA collection of checklists for UX and UI practitioners

Getting things done and documenting your design decisions is always a good idea. Give a shot to this project and make sure you don't forget important steps.

Why is this interesting? - The Wired Edition

PaywallsWhy is this interesting? - The Wired Edition

Colin Nagy from “Why is this interesting?” is revisiting and digging into Nick Thompson's piece on paywalls. Nick is the editor of Wired. Plus: recommendation & quick links as the cherry on the cake.

Finding a Balance Between Empathy and Humor in UX Design

CopywritingFinding a Balance Between Empathy and Humor

From Marvel blog: Leonard David Raymund shares his perspective on getting the right amount of humour and empathy in microcopy.


May 2019

This month we like

Museum of Science + Industry, Chicago

WebsiteMuseum of science+industry of Chicago

We studied this platform during our monthly user-test sessions. People liked it and so did we!

SteamWorld Quest review

Video GameSteamWorld Quest review on VentureBeat

Image & Form new game is out! SteamWorld Quest just launched on Nintendo Switch. Enjoy this review.

Infographics on film, television and sports' finest moments

DatavizInfographics on film, television and sports' finest moments

George Hatzis is publishing infographics from Down Under, visualising key components of movies, TV shows or sports events. We're waiting on the kill count in John Wick 3.

Different lights, different gender perception!

PhotographyDifferent lights, different gender perception!

“Henkō” series by Massimo Giovannini, introduces doubt in our perception. A brilliant work on light and gender preconceived ideas.

Culture Is Not Always Popular

BookCulture Is Not Always Popular

“Fifteen Years of Design Observer”. A collection of writing about design from the influential, eclectic, and adventurous Design Observer. Edited by Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand. Obviously, we ordered a copy!

Very-Able-Fonts by Underware

Variable FontsVery-Able-Fonts by Underware

A variable fonts playground by Underware foundry. Live from The Netherlands. Sharp and playful. Good curation of videos as well!


Quote of the month

"Rule of thumb for UX: more options, more problems."

Scott Belsky