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MAKE Newsletter

February 28, 2012

Welcome to our second special edition of the Make: Newsletter. We were thrilled with the response we got to last month's issue. You all submitted great tips, some of which are included below. To see more tips – and to share your own – visit the Make: Tips wiki page. Next month's issue will focus on beloved tool recommendations. Send us an image or link to a favorite tool and a few lines about why it's so great. In the meantime, happy making.

-Gareth Branwyn

Remove a Stripped Screw with a Rubber Band

Use a bigger screwdriver and insert a rubber band between the bit tip and the screw-head to give you some traction. [Apartment Therapy]

Trim Sandpaper

Never use scissors to cut sandpaper, because it dulls them. Instead, place the sandpaper rough-side down and hold a hacksaw blade where you want the cut. Then tear the sandpaper off, using the teeth of the saw blade as a serrated edge. [Steve Kraak, submitted to tips@makezine.com]

Breadboard Color-Coding

Using a permanent marker to color code rows on a breadboard makes wiring common chips easy. [Nick Ames]

Caulk Saver

For creating an airtight seal on open tubes of caulk and sealant, roll the tip in melted wax. This prevents the remaining contents from curing or setting up. [Harlan Loomas, submitted to tips@makezine.com]

In Case of Burn

If you're new to soldering, keep a glass of cool (not cold) water by your soldering station in case of soldering iron burns. Really.

Milk Crate Shelf

Screw a milk crate to the wall for a quick and easy self-enclosed shelf!