With the coronavirus pandemic still sweeping the country, millions of us are doing our holiday shopping online. And as Americans are wont to do, many will be hunting for bargains. The challenge is avoiding those too-good-to-be-true temptations laid out for us by scam artists.

Mississippi State’s H. Colleen Sinclair has helpful tips for keeping your financial information secure and getting what you pay for as you keep yourself safe while shopping from home.

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A little digging can help you avoid those too-good-to-be-true traps when shopping online. martin-dm/E+ via Getty Images

Doing your holiday shopping online? Here are 10 tips for avoiding scams

H. Colleen Sinclair, Mississippi State University

Fraudulent sites are easy to set up and it's easy to get fooled, according to a psychologist who has advice on how to check out online merchants.

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