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ASPHN Resource on Nutrition and Title V Block Grant

The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN) is pleased to announce the release of Incorporating Nutrition into the Title V MCH Services Block Grant National Performance Measures.  This document lists nutrition related, evidence-based or evidence-informed strategy measures (ESM) to help states achieve the National Outcome Measures and National Performance Measures (NPM) in Title V.  The resource includes at least one nutrition-related ESM for each of the 15 NPMs. 

"Nutrition is a vital part of state work in meeting Title V NPMs," says ASPHN Public Health Nutrition Expert Consultant Sandy Perkins, MS, RD, LD.  Nutrition, health, and wellness are intricately linked. The evidence supporting the influence of diet on lifelong health and wellbeing continues to get stronger. Integrating nutrition into Title V activities could strengthen efforts to achieve program goals.

"This document provides evidence-based strategies to help make sure nutrition is part of state Title V work," says Perkins.  The document is useful for MCH staff wanting to move the needle and achieve Title V goals and objectives by integrating nutrition and nutrition-related strategies into MCH programs. 

For more information about Integrating Nutrition into the Title V MCH Services Block Grant National Performance Measures, please contact Sandy Perkins

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