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December 2019


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Snow in the air, Christmas almost there… The team is curating another newsletter for two thousand and nineteen, before heading to twenty-twenty… Stay tuned!

A Designer’s Code of Ethics

StatementA Designer’s Code of Ethics

In 2017, Mike Monteiro drafted an ethics code. The result of a long reflection on the role of a designer, he takes a critical look at the profession and the work we do.

The problem with dropdown fields

PracticeThe problem with dropdown fields

Dropdowns are one of the default fields in the form design toolkit. But far too often, the dropdown is used in a way that makes user input more difficult.

All the Ways Google Tracks You—And How to Stop It

#BigBroAll the Ways Google Tracks You—And How to Stop It

Google knows more about you than you might think. Here's how to keep it from tracking your location, web browsing, and more.

The Magic of Paper Prototyping

PrototypingThe Magic of Paper Prototyping

In the world of digital design, we have a lot of different tools that make the process of prototyping really simple. But pen and paper still remain the most useful tools for UX designers.

How to Release Your Debut Typeface with No Formal Type Training

FontHow to Release Your Debut Typeface with No Formal Type Training

Justin Sloane used this side-project font to teach himself to draw, improve, engineer and finally release the Simula font family. With a little help from friends at Sharp type foundry.

Expertise in the age of Youtube

SocietyExpertise in the age of Youtube

A small revolution is brewing on the internet. From baking and makeup artistry to chess and poker, and every flavour of video game imaginable, online communities have started unlocking the secrets for getting good, fast.

Breadcrumbs For Web Sites: What, When and How

PracticeBreadcrumbs For Web Sites: What, When and How

We’ll explore the use of breadcrumbs on sites and discuss some best practices for applying breadcrumb trails to your own website.

The biggest lie tech people tell themselves

Tech issueThe biggest lie tech people tell themselves

They see facial recognition, smart diapers, and surveillance devices as inevitable evolutions. They’re not. It’s time to question what “progress” actually means.


December 2019

This month we like

Johan Nordberg

ExperimentJohan Nordberg

This page represents a door that can be opened or not by its host. When he decides to open the door, you're invited in his "personal space" to have a chat with him. Don't be shy! Knock on his door and get to know him :)

Lookbooks identity by Lowrie design studio <3 <3 <3

Silly BrandingLookbooks identity by Lowrie design studio <3 <3 <3

We absolutely love the work of Studio Lowrie for Lookbooks. Please have a look at their other works: sharp and memorable.

A Fresh Look for The Atlantic

BrandingA Fresh Look for The Atlantic

The Atlantic launched a new visual identity the other day, complete with a new logo, custom typeface, updated website, and iOS app.

Video Game Console Logos

LogosVideo Game Console Logos

This list covers the second through eighth generation consoles identities (1976 › present).

The Urban Village Project

ArchitectureThe Urban Village Project

A vision and project for more liveable, sustainable and affordable homes, system based.



A new way to create hand-drawn animation, released as an app. Available “soon”… We can't wait! — by Finn Ericson & Eran Hilleli.


Quote of the month

"Can you imagine Dieter Rams using Jira? On a sprint..."

Mike Sullivan