“In the race between infection and injection, injection has lost.”

That’s how global health expert Maria De Jesus of American University’s School of International Service describes the world’s dismally unequal vaccination rates for COVID-19. As of this week, 10% of the world’s population has been fully vaccinated, nearly all of them in wealthy countries, she found by analyzing the latest data on global vaccine distribution. Just 0.9% of people in low-income nations have received at least one dose.

Her story, which was months in the making, examines this colossal immunization gap. With infographics, we show which vaccines are going where, and how many people can get the jab now. De Jesus explains how the global vaccine rollout became so inequitable – and what that means about ending this pandemic.

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Catesby Holmes

International Editor | Politics Editor

A COVID-19 field hospital in Santo Andre, Brazil. The pandemic has killed over 503,000 people in Brazil; just 11% of the population is fully vaccinated. Mario Tama/Getty Images

Global herd immunity remains out of reach because of inequitable vaccine distribution – 99% of people in poor countries are unvaccinated

Maria De Jesus, American University School of International Service

The high costs of the world's colossally unequal COVID-19 immunization rates.

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