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On the 1st March Micah Global will be joining with Tearfund UK and others to launch the Renew Our World Campaign. We invite and call on all our members to engage with this important initiative.


The Earth is the Lord’s – God made it, he created the heavens, the earth and everything in it. (Deut 10:14). God is the owner – we are the tenants and care takers. The way we treat all that God created, (whether this be one another, animals, plants, the environment), in and through our behaviour and attitudes, demonstrates and reflects how we relate to our Creator. It reveals whether we value and honour God's command to take care of the earth, and enable it to flourish.

The value of the earth and all that is in it is not drawn from us and our need of it. Its value and significance is first and foremost derived from its Source – it’s Creator. The created order is not divine, as polytheism would promote, rather, because it is from God, declared “good”, and draws its life-giving essence from Him (Acts 17:28), it is sacred.

The sanctity of every human life, the fact that we are made in God’s image, created to serve and honour Him, is central to integral mission and has both a missiological and ecological consequence.

To honour and love God is to honour and love all that God values, all that he has created and declared good. Conversely, to ignore and contribute towards pollution, abuse, destruction and exploitation, and waste what God has created is to devalue and trample on all that is good.

Everything belongs to God! This is a life-changing truth.

Our motivation to:
• Use clean and renewable energy is because we want to honour God, care for creation and enable one another to benefit from access to energy
• Reduce harmful emissions is to honour God and enable creation to thrive and benefit all
• Develop sustainable agriculture is to honour God and skillfully produce sufficient and healthy food for all, while protecting the environment.

Making individual lifestyle choices may not feel like we are significantly impacting climate change concerns, but as our motivation is to honour God through all we say and do, we must choose actions that renew, restore and protect what God has entrusted to us.

Caring for creation flows out of our love and obedience to God. It is in our job description as a holy nation and a royal priesthood. Creation care is an integral expression of God’s Mission and gives the church a prophetic opportunity to disciple nations. For us to do this with integrity we need to demonstrate this through how we live, whether in our home, our church, our work place and our community – we should be leading the way.

Come, let’s walk together and renew our world as an expression of love and honour to God.

Follow, activate and share the Renew Our World Campaign. Watch our Facebook page for more details.

For more, have a look at these organisations: WEA Creation Care, Lausanne Creation Care, A Rocha, Care of Creation.

Micah Secretriat

Why Regional Consultations?

Sheryl Haw tells us a little more about why Micah Global and Micah National Expressions invest so much into regional gatherings ...

What are these regional gatherings about?

Many issues we face within our own national contexts actually have trans-national links of which we may be unaware. Calling  peers from within our region to learn together, share experiences and consider synergies can greatly complement our various journeys, as well as multiply impact in seeing change around us.

Why are they important?

They are important to Micah as a means of gathering people with a shared regional history and context together, developing a greater solidarity towards our shared vision, and reminding us we are not alone in the mission of God. It helps us to see beyond our own national context and learn from neighbouring countries who are tackling similar issues.

Which Regional Consultations are coming up this year?

Each year we attempt to host a number of regional consultations. In 2017 so far we have two key gatherings:

Asia Regional Consultation: 24th to 28th April - Thailand: Click here for more.

Eastern Europe / Central Asia: 18th to 20th May - Moldova: Click here for more.

What else is in the pipeline?

We are exploring the possibility of an Africa Consultation, so watch this space for more.

Our Triennial Global Consultation rotates around the regions every three years. In 2015 this was held in Peru and in 2018 it will be held in The Philippines.

How can you know more about what is happening in your region?

The best place to find out more is on the Micah Global events page  - plus our monthly newsletter, which will always have the latest information for you to act on.

Please follow us on Facebook and tag anyone you think may be interested in these regional events. Thank you. Also, if you would like to sponsor someone to go to a Regional Consultation, please email

Micah Month: Save the date - October

Each year Micah Global initiates a Micah Sunday Campaign, which connects to the UN's Eradication of Poverty Day on the 17th October, and falls on the Sunday closest to that date. This year, we are mobilising a Micah Month, culminating in Micah Sunday on the 15th October. Please save the dates and follow us on our various media platforms to find out more. Every action, large or small, makes a difference -- and moves towards seeing more of God's kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. Let's make a change together and focus on October to draw others into this journey of compassion, courage and change. #MicahMonth #MicahSunday

Compassion and Justice Egypt Gathering

Dates: 27 February to 3 March 2017: Alexandria, Egypt

This gathering is centred around inpiring and equipping for holistic compassion ministries. The programme is designed to explore theological and practical approaches to 'do justice, love mercy and walk humbly'.

This is a joint initiative facilitated by Tearfund UK, Call2Compassion/ Global Compassion Network and Micah Global.

For more information and to register click here.

Member Event: Healing Hearts, Changing Nations

International School of Reconciliation: UKRAINE
May 22 - June 1

“I recommend all to attend this School because after attending this valuable training I experienced a great change. I learned that before you start healing others you should be healed first and experience God's touch on you. I am blessed and being blessed is sharing God’s peace with others. I want to become a peace giver to this dark world.” India

“After 20 years serving the Lord, I attended the School of Reconciliation in Kigali in 2012. It was a great turning point in my life: God healed my deep wounds and I found HOPE for my marriage and family, the church and my country after going through war. Since then, I’ve devoted my time for this ministry with the teams that we trained here in Ivory Coast and I testify to God’s healing and salvation every day in the workshops. I strongly recommend to you this School of Reconciliation!” Ivory Coast

For more information on this course, click here.

Member Event: Stott-Bediako Forum

The Stott-Bediako Forum 2017 will be held in Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana. Micah Global is supporting this vital conversation with our member INFEMIT and the other supporting partners.

This forum will explore the causes, experiences, and responses surrounding the “Refugee Crisis” in Africa. Building upon reflections from the 2016 Forum, which focused on the refugee crisis as a shared human condition and which brought in deep biblical and theological insights, we will seek to deepen our engagement with contextual and historical analyses, thematic explorations, and case studies specific to the African community.

Please save the date and consider attending. More information will be provided here and in Micah's newsletters as it becomes available.

Dates: 27 to 30 June 2017

Location: Acrra, Ghana

To find out more information and to register see here.

Member Event: Beyond Colonial Dependency Conference

Moving Beyond Post Colonial Dependency: developing sustainability through vulnerability.

The Alliance for Vulnerable Mission (AVM) are faciliating this conference at the Trinity School for Ministry, Pennsylvania, USA

Dates: 8 to 11 November 2017

For more information and registration see here.

Member event: The Justice Conference South Africa

The Warehouse, South Africa, in partnership with a broad collaboration of non-profit organisations, local churches and networks, is hosting The Justice Conference 17th and 18th March in Cape Town. The heart's cry is to "Live Justice Together" in a country deeply divided and unequal. The vision is to serve the discovery of ideas, celebrate the beauty of justice, and foster a community of people who live justice together. Now, more than ever, people of faith need to come together to wrestle with the injustice in our world. For more information, please click here.

Resource: Caring for Orphans

God sets the lonely in families. (Psalm 68:6). This moving verse echoes throughout this edition of Footsteps. All through the Bible we see God's special concern for the orphan, the widow and the foreigner - those who may well be alone and vulnerable. He longs for them to know the love and protection of a family. This message is as relevant as ever in today's society.

Don't miss this edition of Tearfund's Footsteps with a focus on Caring for Orphans. Click here.

Worth Watching

Let no child be taken by crisis: The refugee crisis affects children in the most dramatic and life-altering ways. Tearfund Ireland seeks to ensure that the damage to children is limited through the No Child Taken campaign. Watch this clip to find out more.

Worth Listening to

Power and who holds it, by Jayakumar Christian

Dr Jayakumar Christians teaches on the dynamics of power and how we work among the poor for their transformation, and for our transformation. If the agent of transformation is no longer being continually transformed, we lack integrity.

Click here to listen to this excellent, challenging talk from the Christian Community Development Conference in 2016.

Worth Reading

Language that Divides and Conquers, by Jim Harries.

Competition between languages is currently being demonstrated in Cameroon. Unusually, tensions between languages have here hit world-news-status. The reason - two giants are in competition. French and English are both European languages with global aspirations. When they clash, sparks can fly. Competition between languages' tends to be invisible. It tends to be invisible in Africa, because languages in competition with European languages are much weaker. They are simply forced to give way. Nevertheless, language battles can bring disenfranchisement.

Click here to read more.

To see Micah Global's February Prayer Focus that highlights Cameroon and some of the struggles there, click here.

February Book Choice: Inclusion Counts

Inclusion Counts: The Economic Case for Disability Inclusive Development, by CBM. Can governments and other development actors afford to continue excluding women, men, girls, and boys with disabilities? How can investment in inclusion benefit persons with disabilities, their families and society as a whole?

For more information on this book, click here.

To learn more about CBM, click here.

Work Opportunity

Chief Executive: Embrace the Middle East

Since 1854, Embrace the Middle East (previously called BibleLands) has supported Christian communities doing life-changing work in the Middle East. We partner with local Christians as they bring healing and hope to those of any faith or none, supporting transformational projects which help vulnerable and marginalised people to achieve their potential. This faith-based development and humanitarian NGO is looking to appoint their next Chief Executive.

Please click here for more information.

The Global Church Project

Don't miss these excellent interviews with Graham Hill on the Global Church Project site. Follow us on Facebook where we post these as #SaturdayStories or click here for all the interviews. Click here to listen to our last #SaturdayStory with Emmanuel Katongole who shares on Rwanda as a Mirror to the Church: Identity, Lament, Hope, Reconciliation & Forgiveness.

Micah Events and Gatherings

Micah Global is hosting many gatherings around the world in the coming months.

For more information, visit the site here.

Egypt Gathering: 27 February to 3 March - see above for more information.

Micah Pakistan Integral Mission Conversation: 20 - 24 March 2017

Join the Micah Pakistan gathering in Lahore in March for a conversation around Integral Mission. For more information, email here.

Micah Nepal Integral Mission Conversations: The Church, The Kingdom and the Mission: 3-4th April - East Nepal, 6-7 April - West Nepal, 9-10 April - Central Nepal. For more information on these gatherings, email Thir KC.

Asian Regional Consultation: Integral Mission and the Common Good: 24 - 28 April 2017

Don't miss this gathering in Asia in April. Excellent speakers, challenging workshops, great connecting times and wonderful community. The issues of Integral Mission and the Common Good will be the focus of the time. Click here for more information and here to register.

Micha Deutschland Networking Meeting: 28 - 30 April 2017

The Micha Deutschland networking meeting will be held in Stuttgart from 28-30th April 2017. Save this date and keep an eye on our website and newsletter for more information and registration details closer to the time. Click here for more information.

Micah Kenya Integral Mission Conversation: 9 May 2017

After a number of challenges that required us to postpone this conversation we are pleased to confirm the meeting will be held in Nairobi in May. Information to follow.

Micah Moldova Integral Mission Conversation: 16 May 2017

Micah Moldova Integral Mission Conversation explores the priorities and strategy for Micah in 2017. For more information follow up with Micah National Coordinator in Moldova, Vladimir Ubeivolc

Eastern Europe & Central Asia Regional Consultation: 17 - 19 May 2017

Micah Regional Consultation for Eastern Europe and Central Asia will be held in Chisinau, Moldova. The theme is “The Church as an Ambassador for Reconciliation”. This Micah regional hub creates a platform for aid practitioners, missions, missiologists, pastors, civil activists, politicians and business people for a dialogue from an Integral Mission perspective. Important topics, excellent speakers - 'We transform communities together" is their heart, and sharing the best practices, failures and successes. For more information email here.

Micah Uganda Integral Mission Conversation: 25th May 2017

This will be held in Kampala and the Share An Opportunity Uganda offices. More info to follow.

Micah Tanzania Integral Mission Conversation: 30 - 31st May 2017

This will be in held in Arusha - more information to follow.

Micah Brazil Integral Mission Congress: 27 - 29 June 2017

Micah Brazil will hold an Integral Mission Congress from 27-29 June 2017 at the Praia do Canto Baptist Church in Vitoria. The theme of the Congress is: "Paths of Mission: The church and its time". Please save these dates. More information and registration details to follow soon.

Come Walk with Us

Micah Global exists to serve its members, and in doing so, the most vulnerable in society, through organisations, the Church and individual Jesus followers who dream of a more just world that looks different to the status quo. We can do what God has called us to because of those whom we walk alongside and who walk alongside us. Please consider investing in the work we do. For more information, click here.

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Worth Quoting

When man turns his back on the Creator's plan, he provokes a disorder which has inevitable repercussions on the rest of the created order. If man is not at peace with God, then earth itself cannot be at peace. Peace with God the Creator, Peace with All of Creation. Pope John Paul II