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July 2016 IT Tips and TechSolutions News Vol. 6 No. 7

Some of the good we’ve been up to

By Dan Ayars, Business Development Manager, TechSolutions

Helping kids in need

One of the many causes we support is The Delaware KIDS (Kids In Distressed Situations) Fund. Founded by Thomas J. Hanna of Harvey Hanna & Associates, the organization provides goods and services to children at risk and in distressed situations. Among the things given to the children are food, clothing, educational support and funds for counseling and mentoring.

6 useful new features coming to iOS 10

Non-techie Apple iPhone lovers relish in the magic hour ensuing a beta’s release. Those of us in the industry break down every ...

Benefits of using dual monitors

Have you ever witnessed your coworkers crazily straddle two computer monitors like madmen? Many find that working multiple monitors ...

7 things every Windows 10 user should know

Windows 10 stands tall as Microsoft’s best operating system release to date, hands down. But having undergone serious revamping, ...

SMBs turn to hybrid clouds for flexibility

Who would have guessed that clouds could be so complex? Yet in a day and age of seemingly continuous technological advances, “cloud” ...

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