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August 2019


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Almost a year of “not panicking” with you, sending those curated design nuggets… Thank you for reading it. Until next month ;)

Resources for a healthy and balanced approach to work

Work ResponsiblyResources for a healthy and balanced approach to work

Constant hustle. Unrealistic expectations. Endless pressure. Running on maximum capacity. Well, what if there is an alternative with the same results just a click away?

5 Things That UX Design Should Learn from the Gaming Industry

Opinion5 Things That UX Design Can Learn from the Gaming Industry

Maintaining the interest of gamers is extremely difficult, but game producers have many tricks up their sleeves and we can learn from them.

The 2019 Design Systems Survey results

ReportThe 2019 Design Systems Survey results

For the second year in a row, Sparkbox has conducted this survey to learn more about challenges and benefits of building and using design systems.

Infinite Scrolling vs. Pagination

PracticeInfinite Scrolling versus Pagination

“Should I use infinite scroll patterns or pagination components for my project?” Some designers still hesitate between those two solutions. Here's Nick Babich takeaways on that matter.

Learn to delegate. A way to increase your effenciancy!

SkillsLearn to delegate, to improve your efficiency!

According to ScaleTime, CEOs who delegate, generate 33% more revenue than those who don’t. Can we do the same in our roles?

Designing an elderly home care plan app

Case StudyDesigning an elderly home care plan app

Richard Andhika dives into this case study about the research and the design steps for an app dedicated to elderly people.

Saffron City Brand Barometer 2019

BrandingSaffron City Brand Barometer 2019

A report revealing which cities have built the strongest business brands.


August 2019

This month we like

MST Agency Website

InspirationMST Agency

We love portfolios and this one navigation system is very interesting.

Eagle, a design library to get you 10x better organized

ToolEagle, a design library to get you 10x better organised

Pierre has been looking for this tool for quite a while now. The wait is over!

Grand Numero, A well designed reservation website

InspirationGrand Numero, a gorgeous booking website

We dig the information architecture, the rich content and the neat little details of this website!

Issue 21 of Offscreen out!

IndiemagOffscreen is (finally) back! — Issue #21

Urgently-relevent topics on the menu: disinformation warfare, fighting machine-made realities, implementing human-centred design principles throughout organisations, etc.

A guide to digital design at the Guardian

StyleguideThinking Outside of the News Box

A guide to digital design at the Guardian. Let's scroll these guidelines down, yay!

The Process of Vulf Sans

FontsThe Process of Vulf Sans

James Edmondson explains the path leading to his latest font release. Groovy!


Quote of the month

"Frustration is a design opportunity."

Gleb Kuznetsov