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  June 2022

Greetings from the Australian Hearing Hub 

Cochlear agrees to acquire Oticon Medical, Demant's hearing implants business
Cochlear Limited,  agrees to acquire Oticon Medical for DKK850 million (approx. AUD170 million) following Demant’s decision to exit its hearing implants business activities.
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The National Acoustic Laboratories partners with WS Audiology to overcome barriers to better hearing
Through a new research collaboration, NAL will work closely with WS Audiology to investigate the knowledge and attitudes that Australians have about hearing solutions and factors that impact their decisions to use a hearing device.
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How William and Michael found love from across the ‘sound divide’
William, a NextSense client who is deaf, and his partner Michael, who is hearing, recently shared how they embrace their differences to build a loving, healthy relationship that navigates both hearing and Deaf worlds.
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Using a decision tree approach to determine hearing aid ownership in older adults
A new study from MU Hearing’s Dr Yvonne Tran, Dr Diana Tang, Prof Bamini Gopinath, Prof Catherine McMahon, with Prof Paul Mitchell from The Westmead Institute aimed to understand the hearing loss characteristics that contribute to the decision of hearing aid ownership.
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World-First Cochlear Therapy
A ‘first-in-human’ clinical trial of cochlear implant recipients directed to regrow the hearing nerve gathered together to share experiences of the rediscovery of their hearing with other trial participants and the research team.

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The Hon Bill Shorten MP visits the Australian Hearing Hub
This month, Hearing Australia and the National Acoustic Laboratories were privileged to host the Hon Bill Shorten MP, Minister for NDIS and Government Services, and Jerome Laxale MP, Member for Bennelong.
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Trending Soundbites you may have missed in the last quarter

<To fit or not to fit! Strategies for fitting no-to-mild hearing losses.
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Exploring Apple AirPods Pro
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CLaS Eye-tracking Workshop 1: Eye-tracking methods and paradigm
On 17th May 2022, Macquarie University's Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS) hosted a half-day hybrid workshop on eye-tracking, an increasingly popular experimental method for speech and language research.
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Events and notices
Events and seminars
To view other Australian Hearing Hub member's up and coming events please go to AHH event page.
Hearing Hub Junior Science Academy for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Kids
July 2022 Program
Location: Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University
Tuesday 5th July 2022: Incredible Forces, Years 1 – 3
Wednesday 5th July 2022: CSI Years 3 – 5
Audiology Masterclass Series 2022
Session 5: Single Sided Deafness
Date: Wednesday 27 July
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Presenter: Dr Dayse Tavora


Session 6: Cochlear Technology in the Classroom
Date: Thursday 4 August
Time: 4pm -5pm
Presenter: Dr Vidya Raghavan

AHH seminar – Tinnitus Research & Innovation – Professor Raj Shekhawat
Topic: Tinnitus Research & Innovation: Updates, Opportunities & challenges in Australia
Presenter:  Professor Raj Shekhawat
Date: Tuesday 11 October
Time: 2.30 - 4.00
Hybrid Seminar:  Lecture theatre , Level 1, AHH / Zoom
A day at the Australian Hearing Hub

A site visit for Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (ITOD)
Date: Friday 9 December 2022
Time: 900 – 3:00
Location: In-person, AHH / Remote access, Zoom

Hearing Matters Australia Café & Chat 2022
In 2022, Hearing Matters Australia (HMA) hosts free & casual Café & Chat sessions at AHH aiming to get people connecting and chatting to bring more awareness of hearing loss and ways to protect our hearing and manage hearing loss.
Participate in research
We need people of all ages to take part in research projects and help contribute to better diagnosis and treatment. Take a look at some of the projects we are currently working on and if you're interested please make contact.
Macquarie University are seeking young adults (18 to 35) with normal hearing to participate in research

We are recruiting young adults (18 to 35 years) with normal hearing to test on an auditory order perception test that requires you to listen to various sound patterns and describe them.
Time: 90 minutes
Compensation: AUD 30 or course credits
Location: Macquarie University or online
Contact: / 04 16632034

Has your child been diagnosed with mild hearing loss in both ears?
NAL would like to invite families who have a child who has been diagnosed with mild bilateral hearing loss at some point in the their life, to complete a 20 minute survey about their children’s experiences and development. Families are eligible to participate if they:

  • Have a child currently under 12 years of age
  • Presented to a hearing clinic with a three frequency average hearing level (3FAHL) between 20-40dBLHL in both ears upon initial appointment, regardless of whether fitted or not, or have a three frequency average hearing loss <20dBHL but have threshold between 26-40dBHL at 6000Hz and 8000Hz.

Go to to complete the survey. The survey is open until August 2022 and families who participate can go into a draw to win one of five $200 gift vouchers. For more information please contact:

Macquarie University's Child Language Lab
Macquarie University's Child Language Lab is currently seeking children aged 4-6 who speak English as their main language at home to participate in a research study. To participate, or for more information, please email us at
NAL is Seeking Bilateral Hearing Aid Users with a Mild to Moderate Loss
NAL is looking for adults, 18-65, who wear hearing aids in both ears and have a mild to moderate hearing loss to participate in a study. The study aims to develop an assessment tool that can be used to assess speech communication performance via video conferencing platforms in people with hearing loss. Participants will attend a two-hour appointment at the Australian Hearing Hub where they will complete a hearing test and a number of listening tests. Participants will receive a $50 gift card for their time. For more information or to take part please contact:
An initiative of Macquarie University, the Australian Hearing Hub brings the country’s best hearing and allied health organisations together.

The Australian Hearing Hub is an initiative of the Australian Government being conducted as part of the Education Investment Fund.

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