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MAKE Newsletter

August 16, 2011


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We hope you've had a great summer and that you're using the good weather and extra free time to "get out there and make something!" as our friend Super Awesome Sylvia likes to say. If you didn't get a chance to experience Maker Faire in the Bay Area or Detroit, we hope we'll get to see you at World Maker Faire in New York (Sept. 17 & 18). Until we do get to geek out in person, here's a little late summer reading and some projects that might keep you busy. --Gareth


Drain Pipe Hotel

Drain Pipe Hotel

The Batman Equation

The Batman Equation

Broccoli Treehouse

Broccoli Toothpick Treehouse

3D-Printed Gaming Dice

3D-Printed Gaming Dice

The New Weekend Projects Series

A few weeks ago, we launched a new "Weekend Projects" series on Make: Projects, sponsored by RadioShack and The Great Create. So far, we've posted three projects: USB Webcam Microscope, Floating Glow Display, Add Volume, Jack (above). You can find Weekend Projects here , sign up for the regular Weekend Projects newsletter, and access the projects on our Facebook page (just hit the Weekend Projects button).

Intern's Corner: Maker Space

One sunny afternoon, the engineering interns at Make: Labs received three large crates from our friends over at Shelter 2.0. Creators Robert Bridges and Bill Young had shipped us the parts to build our own wooden shelter. All of the pieces are cut using a CNC router and the files are open source and available online. We time-lapse recorded the construction. Now that the "Maker Space" is built, we have an outside workshop (the editors are overjoyed because now we can use the table saw outside). Check out the video.

Robotics Section on Make: Projects

What many MAKE readers may not be aware of is that Make: Projects is a full wiki platform. Besides projects and technique pieces, you can also create full wiki-based guides to a subject. In honor of our robotics theme on the site and our latest issue of the magazine, Volume 27, we've now built out the beginning phase of our Robotics section. We'll be adding articles to it as time allows, and you should feel free to contribute to it, as well.

Catching Up with Math Mondays

One of our most long-term and popular columns on the MAKE website is George Hart's weekly Math Monday. George, who comes to use by way of the Museum of Mathematics, explores all aspects of the math of making; everything from crafting cool geometric creations from office supplies, to cutting nested helices from wood, to perfect squared square cabinet-making . Oh, and how to crotchet a dodecahedron. You can access the archive of all of the Math Monday columns here.

Maker Faire Detroit Highlights

Did you miss our coverage of the Detroit Maker Faire last month? If so, you can still see some of the highlights on Maker Faire Daily. Above: Storm Troopers enjoying a little planking pranking.

Metalworking on Make: Live

The most recent Make: Live explored metalwork (welding and jewelry-making), to coincide with this month's online theme. Here's the archived video and show notes.