News that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the notorious Russian warlord and leader of the mercenary group Wagner, had died in a plane crash yesterday was first met with some scepticism and disbelief. Was it really true? The first reports came from Russia’s state newswire RIA Novosti which quoted Russia’s emergency ministry saying that 10 people on the plane, including three crew members, had died in a crash. As the day drew to a close social media posts from Wagner supporters seemed to confirm that indeed it was. Gregory F. Treverton sets out what the warlord’s death tells us about Vladimir Putin's Russia.

The military coup in Niger adds to an already volatile security and political situation in the region. It’s the 6th coup that west Africa has faced within the past three years. Because Niger is a central player in the region, explains Mohammad Dan Suleiman, the effects on neighbouring countries will be significant. He shares four worrying implications.

Caroline Southey

Founding Editor

Wagner group’s Yevgeny Prigozhin reportedly died in private jet crash – if confirmed, it wouldn’t be first time someone who crossed Putin met a suspicious demise

Gregory F. Treverton, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

The lesson in the presumed death of the mercenary leader two months after his mutiny against Putin: Don’t make yourself an enemy of Russia’s leader.

Niger is a key player in the Sahel region - 4 security implications of the coup

Muhammad Dan Suleiman, Curtin University

Economic infrastructure that affects several African countries runs through Niger.

Faith Kipyegon lifts gold: from walking to school in rural Kenya to setting world athletics alight

Wycliffe W. Njororai Simiyu, Stephen F. Austin State University

With three world records to her name, Faith Kipyegon is competing for two gold medals at the World Athletics Championships.