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November 2020




Hallomas or Christeen? Pumpkins have been cooked and Santa Claus letters are now rising. This is where we deliver some design nuggets for you to enjoy.

Who said hot wine?

Design meaningful experiences through an animation system

MoveDesign meaningful experiences through an animation system

Motion design brings so much to the table when it comes to personality, user experience and storytelling.

All pages should be accessible in 3 clicks

MythAll pages should be reachable within 3 clicks?

We too often get this type of invective… What do you think?

[FR] Ethics by design 2020

Replay[FR] Ethics by design 2020

Yaaaaaaaaay! All the videos of the conference that happened in September are now available.



A topic that complex to tackle and so hard to communicate… A project using simplicity and benevolence to help people.

Let's talk about branding

PodcastLet's talk about branding

The witty happy podcast by Stef Hamerlinck: interviews of industry leaders in branding, design, and strategy. 🎧

A growing list of accessibility tools and resources

a11yA growing list of accessibility tools and resources

Because accessibility and inclusiveness must always be a priority.


Point of view

User Experience

A project like no other

The more the years go by, the more the projects that boost my motivation are the ones that "make sense", the ones matching my values. And I'm surely not the only one.

When INSER, a Lausanne-based company specialised in the development of GIS software, asked us to work with them on a project for Médecins sans Frontières, it was as obvious as it can be.

This project not only allowed me to think and work on services that help people helping others, but also taught me a lot.

It enabled me to expand my knowledge and practice in the field of GIS (let's face it, I'm still a newb). It also brought me human connections, and that is great. Being able to collaborate with another company, which has its own way of working, its methods, hand in hand for a simple purpose.

And what a team! I met people with a calling, willing to take up every challenge and celebrating every success.

- Noémie


November 2020

This month we like


Movie • Vice

Beware: politics topic. Full of good ideas and rather original editing that gives a lot of rhythm and a comic flavour to the mix.


TV Show • Barbarians

If you liked Vikings… This time it's about the Battle of Teutoburg. Romans vs Germans, a Netflix show.


Quick win • TextSniper

When Yann is fed up with typing a text from an image, he finds an app that does properly text recognition, on the Mac.


Tool • Colour

We always struggle to find ideas when it comes to naming colours. Here is a good help used by Franck.


Song of the month

🎧 “ Protect The Land & Genocidal Humanoidz”


by System of a Down


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